QLab 4 Pricing

$999 one time
$10 per day
Two Feature Sets
$749 one time
$7.50 per day
One Feature Set
$399 one time
$4 per day
QLab 4 - Free Features
Buy QLab 4 to use in perpetuity. Includes discounts on future major versions.

QLab is full of powerful features that can be used absolutely for free - Audio, Video and Lighting cues, workflow tools, and unlimited cue lists. All of the free features are also included with every paid license above.

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What's included in each license?

Lighting License

Build sophisticated light shows with unlimited patchable DMX addresses. Integrate your lighting design into QLab’s industry-standard show control.

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Sterling O.

Having many free features is an amazing thing that Figure 53 does for the community, and it's especially helpful for students looking to create their own theatre works outside of their school!

Sterling O.
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