Effortlessly sync your audio, video, and light cues together

QLab makes it simple to create intricate designs of light, sound, and video. When you’re done designing, run the whole show just by pressing the “GO” button.

The industry standard for sound design and cue-based playback

QLab runs shows of all sizes, all over the world. From intimate storefront theaters to televised events reaching billions of people across the globe, QLab is the tool designers trust to make their live shows come to life. Flexible, reliable, and easy to learn, QLab is the industry standard for a reason.

Matrix-based Audio Routing and Multi-channel Audio Support

Up to 64 channels of audio output and 24 channels of live audio input. Audio playback for files with up to 24 channels.

Video Mapping & Multi-screen Video Playback

Surfaces are designed to accommodate an extremely wide range of video workflows and setups, from single screens, to video walls, to multi-projector blends on curved surfaces. The Surface Editor helps you set up and place your video outputs.

Edit Video Surfaces and more with your iOS device

Powerful and painless remote editing via QLab Remote - leave the tech booth and edit your design from anywhere in the theatre on your iOS device.

Drag and Drop timing control with Timeline View

Timeline View offers a new way to create and edit sequences of cues with precision. A visual layout allows you to drag cues to set their timing; snap to the start, end, or slice times while dragging; view waveform and playback position of each cue; or trim the start and end times of Audio and Video cues.

Refine your workspace anywhere with the Audition Window

Preview your show on the go with the Audition Window. The Audition Window allows you to listen to or watch cues privately without running them through your entire sound or video system.

Cue Carts

Play cues with the click of a mouse - great for when you need to quickly play something that’s not part of a preset sequence. You can set up to 64 buttons and run Cue Carts alongside or in place of cue lists.

Powerful Scripting Tools

Maximize the efficiency of your workflow or edit your cues with sophisticated precision using AppleScript or OSC. Scripting allows almost limitless customization of your process.

Full Lighting Control

Add your lighting instruments from the included library, or by creating a custom definition for your fixture. Patch and control your lights with the same flexible and intuitive cuing you use to control Audio and Video.

…and more!

Strong support for integrating with other tools using Show Control, OSC, MIDI, and more!

QLab has extensive support for the Open Sound Control protocol, MIDI, AppleScript, LTC, MTC, and more.

Guillaume H.

QLab absolutely changed my life as a theatre and dance stage manager. Forget the multiple CD players, and never ending requests to the sound designer for track editing. QLab streamlined the whole process, from rehearsals to touring, especially in occasions where I would operate sound and lights myself. It gave me absolute control, peace of mind, and allowed me to actually follow the show a lot more. It also allowed for more creation freedom. And this is just with the basic free app ! Thanks for this great software!

Guillaume H.
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Paste Cue Properties

Make changes quickly by copying attributes, like audio levels or video opacity, from one cue to others.

Record Cue Sequence

Capture precise playback timing - record when you press ‘GO’ on a series of cues and play it back the same way every time.

Edit and Show Mode

Create your show in Edit Mode, and then switch to Show Mode when you want to run your cues with no chance of accidental changes.

Custom workflow triggering, hotkeys, and templates

Robust customization of your workspace saves you time and frustration: set custom hotkeys and individual custom triggers for each cue. Save your workspace as a template so you can start a new show with all your settings just how you like them.

Trigger show with MIDI controller

Map incoming MIDI messages to a variety of functions within QLab, allowing you to run your show from an external MIDI controller.