QLab Educational Policy

QLab's educational discount is intended to get QLab into the hands of students as designers, programmers, and operators. Educational discounts are available to students, professional teachers, accredited educational institutions, and any situation in which QLab is being taught to students as part of an ongoing curriculum of technical theater or theatrical design.

To access educational pricing, create an account using your educational email address at qlab.app/account, then write to support@figure53.com with a photo or scan of your school ID for confirmation of your educational status.

We have three different types of educational licenses: Annual Licenses, Standard Educational Licenses (available for rent-to-own and purchase) and Site Licenses.

QLab 4 Educational Pricing options

License TypeActivationsFeature SetsPurchase MinimumPrice

Annual Licenses

Annual licenses do not contribute to rent-to-own totals. Once an annual license has expired, you will have to rent or buy another license.

1 ActivationBundle including Audio, Lighting and VideoNo purchase minimum


* For 30 or more annual licenses, the price is $75/year each.

Standard Educational Rent-to-own

Rent for 110 days and receive a free standard educational license of the same type

3 Activations: Main, Backup, EditAny combination of Audio, Lighting, or VideoNo purchase minimum
  • 1 feature $3.50/day
  • 2 features $6.80/day
  • 3 features $8/day

Standard Educational License

Standard Educational licenses are perpetual and valid for all releases of QLab 4

3 Activations: Main, Backup, EditAny combination of Audio, Lighting, or VideoNo purchase minimum
  • 1 feature $349
  • 2 features $679
  • 3 features $799

Site Licenses

Site licenses are perpetual and valid for all releases of QLab 4

1 ActivationBundle including Audio, Lighting and Video10 or more


Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We're unable to accept purchase orders. The best and most efficient way to make a purchase is via credit card or PayPal via our online store or electronic invoice.

If this is not possible, we also accept payment via bank transfer or check. Because bank transfers and checks must be processed manually, we have to wait to release the license until the money reaches our account. That can take anywhere from a couple days to a month depending on the payment method. Additionally, there is a $40 processing fee associated with these types of payments.

Why don’t you fill out vendor paperwork?

Unfortunately, we're not able to complete any vendor paperwork. We have an extremely small team and even a small amount of paperwork represents a large portion of our time. If it's helpful, you can write to us for a copy of our W9 and sole source letter.

Can I share my license without sharing my login credentials?

If you’re sharing licenses, or installing them on regularly re-imaged computers, we have a license management tool called a Key File which allows you to install the license without sharing your account’s login details. Key Files can be installed manually, or they can be incorporated into automated license deployment systems.

Key Files can optionally be tied to a single email address or all email addresses within a particular domain.

If it sounds like Key Files will help you manage your license, write to support@figure53.com and let us know how you’ll use them. We’ll generate the appropriate files which you can then use as needed.

I’d like to purchase an Annual or Site license, but do not see it in the store. How do I purchase one?

Annual and Site licenses aren't listed on our website at this time, so if you'd like to purchase one, let us know how many licenses you’d like to purchase and your start date, and we’ll send you an electronic invoice that you can pay using our online store.

I have a QLab 3 license, is there an upgrade discount for educational users?

If you bought any QLab 3 licenses using the same email address that you’re using now, vouchers for those licenses will automatically appear in your QLab account. You can apply those vouchers to new QLab 4 purchases to claim your discount.

Upgrade Discounts

  • QCart $79
  • QLab 3 Basic $90
  • QLab 3 Pro $225
  • QLab 3 Bundle $450

You can apply your upgrade discount to any license purchase. If you do not see an upgrade discount available in your account and you have a v3 license, write to support@figure53.com and we’ll get your vouchers transferred to your new address.