Is QLab compatible with the new M1 processors?

Starting with version 4.6.8, QLab is compatible with macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon-based Macs.

About QLab

What does QLab do?

QLab makes it simple to create intricate designs of light, sound, and video, which you play back during a live performance.

QLab allows you to lock in exactly how you want the light, sound, and video to play during your performance. When you’re done designing, you'll switch to “show mode” and run your show just by pressing “GO”.

What makes QLab different?

QLab is designed specifically to handle the needs of live events, like theater. The person running the show each night can react to what is happening on stage, such as waiting for a scene to finish before they trigger a scene transition, or even to handle the case where a performer accidentally skips a few lines and jumps ahead. QLab can react dynamically to what is happening on stage, or it can be programmed to play back precisely the same way every night. Most shows will be a mix of both.

Who uses QLab?

There’s a good chance you’ll find QLab in your favorite local theater. You’ll also see it on Broadway, the West End, and in churches, sports stadiums, and museums. From high school students to seasoned pros, QLab is what they use to make the show go.

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is download the software. It's a free download, and many of QLab's features are even free to use. Really! To unlock additional capabilities you can buy or rent a license from our online store.

After you've downloaded QLab to your macOS computer, you can launch it and start working right away. But if you'd like some help getting started, you can also:

Ask us for help

Browse our friendly QLab documentation

Watch our tutorial videos

Why don't you offer support for QLab over the phone?

We provide support via email instead of phone so that we can quickly direct you to the team member who is best suited to answering your question, so that we have a clear record of all of your questions and what we’ve suggested, and most of all because after more than a decade of supporting QLab we know that it gets you better help, faster. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Contact Support

Buying QLab Licenses

How do I buy a license? How are licenses delivered?

You can purchase or rent a license from our online store. Your license will be added to your QLab Account. Once the license is in your account, you can sign in to QLab (version 4+ or version 3.2+) and install any license that's in your account.

For details on installing a license, see our documentation.

How do I upgrade from QLab 3 and QCart?

All QLab 3 purchases since August 1st, 2016, and all QCart purchases (ever), will be credited towards V4 licenses at their full original purchase price.

If you purchased QLab 3 before August 1st, 2016, you are also eligible for a discount on V4, based on the type of license you’re upgrading from:

Before Aug 1, 2016 After Aug 1, 2016
QLab 3 Bundle $500 discount $749 discount
QLab 3 Pro $250 discount $399 discount
QLab 3 Basic $100 discount $199 discount
QCart 1 $99 discount $99 discount

Your discount will appear automatically in Your Account if you create an account using the email address associated with your QLab 3 license. If you no longer have access to that email please email us at

To apply your upgrade discount to your order, click the "Apply Discount in Cart" link next to the discount you wish to use in Your Account.

How do rental licenses work?

We offer rental licenses to make QLab accessible for tighter budgets. You can purchase and install rentals ahead of time and choose the date when they will start. On the appropriate day the license will unlock the features. When the rental period is over, the license will simply time out (you do not need to "stop" or "cancel" a rental).

If you have rented a given type of license for 110 days (the days do not need to be consecutive), you will automatically get a free standard license of the same type added to your account. The rental period of a license must be in the past for it to apply to a rent-to-own conversion.

Here are some example rent-to-own scenarios:

  • One 130-day Audio+Lighting license = 1 Standard Audio+Lighting license and 20 days of rental "credits" after the initial rental period has passed.

  • One 50-day Bundle license + One 100-day Bundle license = 1 Standard Bundle license and 40 days of rental "credits" for your next rent-to-own license.

Do you offer educational discounts?

We do provide educational discounts. To access educational pricing you’ll need proof of status with an educational institution. Usually writing to from an educational email address and attaching a copy of your ID is sufficient. If, for some reason, you are unable to provide these things, please write to with an explanation. See this page for more information.

Do you offer site licenses?

We offer site license options for larger institutions such as schools or rental shops. Please contact for site license pricing and license management features.

Do you accept purchase orders?

We do not accept purchase orders of any kind for any reason. We apologize for the inconvenience. If it’s helpful we can provide a sole source letter stating that there is no other seller of our software.

Do you still sell Basic Licenses?

We no longer sell a "Basic" license; all licenses are now "Pro".

What is your reseller pricing?

We only sell QLab directly from our website, so we have no special relationships or pricing with dealers or resellers. We prefer to deal directly with our customers whenever possible. Of course, sometimes the end user isn't able to make the purchase, and a reseller is necessary. In that case, you're welcome to purchase the license from us and sell it to your client, but we do ask that you send them to us for support and help; they can reach us at We feel that we don't just sell QLab licenses - the support that comes along with it is part of the product.

If you do make the purchase on someone else's behalf, please ask them to create an account on our site. Then, once you've made the purchase, write back to us with the order number of the purchase and we'll transfer the license from your account to theirs. They can create the account at

Activating Your License

What if I rent a license now, build my show, and then the rental runs out?

Your work is still saved in your workspace, even if your license expires. All the license does is unlock the features to allow you to run cues that require the license, it doesn’t affect the workspace file itself. Just rent another license next time you need it, and your cues will run just like they did the first time.

I want to use QLab 3... what do I do?

QLab 3.2+ can be unlocked using a QLab 4 license. Just sign in and install your license inside QLab 3.2 just as you would from QLab 4.

Versions of QLab prior to 3.2 can not use a QLab 4 license, but of course you can continue to use any QLab 3 license you purchased for these versions.

QLab 2 and QLab 1 are no longer supported, and we are unable to generate new licenses for them.