QLab Bulk Pricing

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Too many computers for a standard license? We got you!

We offer QLab volume discounts for users in the form of site licenses. Site licenses allow you to install one license across multiple computers, priced by the feature activation (Audio, Video, or Lighting).

Site License Purchase Requirements + Terms

QLab 5 site licenses have a purchase minimum of 10 or more and cost $249/activation of Audio, Video, or Lighting features. Pick Two and Pick Three bundle options aren’t available for site licensing. Site licenses cannot be shared between organizations and are geographically limited to one “campus” or location.

Each licensed activation of QLab allows one unlicensed machine to log in remotely with full edit access.

Read more about how collaboration works here.

How do I buy a site license?

Site licenses are not available through our online store. To buy a site license, write support@figure53.com with information about how many licenses of each type (audio/video/lighting) you need, and we’ll issue an electronic invoice. Once you’ve paid, we’ll add the site license to your account.

Site licenses can be installed like regular licenses. If you need help incorporating QLab into a deployment scheme, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.