The Launcher Window

The Launcher window, which appears by default when you open QLab 5, provides a centralized place to get started working with QLab.

The Launcher window

On the left side of the window, you’ll see the exact version of QLab that you’re using, followed by four links to the web.

Beneath those links are four buttons which correspond to four of the most commonly used first actions after QLab opens.

  • Open Workspace displays a window which lets you browse for and open a preexisting workspace.
  • New Workspace creates a new workspace using the default workspace template.
  • Connect to Workspace displays the QLab Collaboration connection window, which allows you to connect to a workspace on another Mac.
  • Licenses opens the license manager window, where you can install, remove, or just check in on your licenses.

On the right side of the window, you’ll find two tabs.

The Recent Workspaces tab lists the most recently opened workspaces, which is the same list found when you select Open Recent… from the File menu. Double click on a workspace to open it, or click once and then either click the Open Workspace button at the bottom of the window, or use the return or enter key on your keyboard.

To clear this list, choose Clear Menu from the bottom of the list of recent workspaces in the File menu.

The Templates tab lists all the workspace templates on your Mac. Double click on a template to create a new workspace using that template, or click once and then either click the New Workspace from Template button at the bottom of the window, or use the return or enter key on your keyboard.

When this tab is active, you can click on the Manage button to delete or rename workspace templates, or to select a new default template.

Launcher Window behavior

If QLab is set to open the Launcher window at launch, which can be configured in QLab Preferences, it will appear whenever you launch QLab directly. It will not appear if you launch QLab by opening a workspace. The Launcher window closes itself whenever you use it to open a workspace or create a new one, and will reappear when the last workspace has been closed.

To open it at any time, you select Launcher Window from the Window menu.

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