Override Controls

The Override Controls window can be opened by choosing Override Controls from the Window menu or by using the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘O. This window provides a way to temporarily suspend input and output of various types of signals to and from QLab.

Override Controls

You can independently override input and output of each of the following types of signals:

  • “Musical” MIDI voice messages
  • MIDI Show Control (MSC)
  • MIDI SysEx
  • Network messages to and from other devices on the network
  • Network messages within QLab and between QLab and other software on the same Mac
  • Timecode
  • Art-Net and USB DMX

Because QLab does not respond to incoming Art-Net or DMX, there is no Art-Net and USB DMX input override.

When input overrides are engaged, QLab will display a message in red text in the footer of the workspace. When output overrides are engaged, any cue whose output is overridden will show a red circle icon in the status column () to indicate that the cue will not output anything when it’s run.

Override controls are global, which means that they apply to all open workspaces.

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