Keyboard Shortcuts

QLab and its manual are written in American English using a US-standard QWERTY keyboard layout. Apple sells Macs with a wide variety of keyboard layouts for many different languages, alphabets, and cultures. There is, unfortunately, no simple way to plan for keyboard shortcuts which transcend these boundaries. If you are using a keyboard layout other than US QWERTY, and/or a language other than US English on your Mac, you may find that some of the keyboard shortcuts do not work as listed. You may find that the key in the same position as the listed key will work, but will simply have the wrong label.

Key Symbols

Symbol Meaning

Default Key Map

Command Key
GO space
Panic All escape
Hard Stop All esc esc
Pause All [
Resume All ]
Preview V
Load Selected Cue L
Pause/Resume Selected Cues P
Panic Selected Cues S
Hard Stop Selected Cues SS
Edit Cue Number N
Edit Cue Name Q
Edit Cue Notes O
Edit Cue Target T
Edit Cue Pre-wait E
Edit Cue Action (duration) D
Edit Cue Post-wait W
Cycle Cue Continue Mode C
Flag/Unflag F


Command Key
Hide QLab ⌘H
Hide Others ⌥⌘H
Quit QLab ⌘Q


Command Key
New Workspace ⌘N
New From Template ⇧⌘N
Open Workspace… ⌘O
Close ⌘W
Save ⌘S
Save As… ⇧⌘S


Command Key
Undo ⌘Z
Redo ⇧⌘Z
Cut ⌘X
Copy ⌘C
Paste ⌘V
Paste Cue Properties… ⇧⌘V
Paste and Match Style ⌥⇧⌘V
Delete ⌘⌫
Select All ⌘A
Find… ⌘F
Find Next ⌘G
Find Previous ⇧⌘G
Show Fonts ⌥⇧⌘T
Bigger ⌘+
Smaller ⌘-
Show Colors ⌥⇧⌘C
Copy Style ⌥⌘C
Paste Style ⌥⌘V


Note: You can reassign keyboard shortcuts for cues by re-arranging them in the toolbox.

Command Key
Group ⌘0
Audio ⌘1
Mic ⌘2
Video ⌘3
Camera ⌘4
Text ⌘5
Light ⌘6
Fade ⌘7
Network ⌘8


Command Key
Load to time… ⌘T
Renumber selected cues… ⌘R
Delete numbers of selected cues… ⌘D
Jump to cue… ⌘J
Jump to selected cue’s target ⇧⌘J
Turn on/off live fade preview ⇧⌘P

When a Fade cue is selected, the following Tools are also available:

Command Key
Set Audio Levels From Target ⇧⌘T
Set Video Geometry From Target ⌃⌥⌘V
Revert Fade Action ⇧⌘R


Command Key
Enter/Exit Full Screen ⇧⌘F
Inspector ⌘I
Inspector for Selected Cue ⇧⌘I
Toolbox ⌘K
Lists / Carts & Active Cues ⌘L
Toggle Between Lists / Carts & Active Cues ⇧⌘L
Warnings ⌘B
Select Next Cue ⌘↓
Select Previous Cue ⌘↑
Move Playhead To Next Cue ⇧⌘↓
Move Playhead To Previous Cue ⇧⌘↑
Move Playhead To Next Cue Sequence =
Move Playhead To Previous Cue Sequence -
Select Next Tab ⌘→
Select Previous Tab ⌘←
Enter Edit Mode ⇧⌘[
Enter Show Mode ⇧⌘]


Command Key
Minimize ⌘M
Workspace Settings ⌘,
Workspace Status ⇧⌘W
Audition Window ⇧⌘A
Override Controls ⇧⌘O
Light Dashboard ⇧⌘D

Other keyboard shortcuts

Command Key
Add slice at current time in the Time & Loops waveform view M
Zoom in on the Time & Loops waveform view ⌘+ / ⌘=
Zoom out on the Time & Loops waveform view ⌘-
Zoom in horizontally on the Group Timeline view ⌘+/=
Zoom out horizontally on the Group Timeline view ⌘-
Zoom in vertically on the Group Timeline view ⇧⌘+/=
Zoom out vertically on the Group Timeline view ⇧⌘-
Expand all Group cues >
Collapse all Group cues <

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