QLab 4 Features by License Type

QLab 4 is a free program, with additional optional features that can be unlocked by purchasing and installing a license. This chart shows which of the major features are enabled by each type of license.

Most of the advanced features can be used experimentally without a license installed, and will only require the license if you re-open a saved workspace that uses these features.

For those features which cannot be tested in this way, QLab has a demo mode which enables all features for twenty minutes. While demo mode is active, all of QLab’s licensed features are available, but saving, copying, and pasting are disabled. All workspaces will automatically close after 20 minutes. Demo mode will exit when you quit QLab.

To activate demo mode, choose Start Demo Mode… from the QLab menu.

Feature Free Pro Audio Pro Video Pro Lighting
Channels of audio output 2 64 2 2
Channels of audio per file 2 24 2 2
Audio waveform view
Unlimited slices per Audio or Video cue
Sample-accurate playback sync
Unlimited cue lists
Unlimited cue carts
Audio fades
Live fade previews
Edit audio output routing
Edit audio output names
Audio effects on cues
Audio effects on cue outputs
Audio effects on device outputs
Audio effects fading
Audio playback rate fading
Mic cues
Single-screen video outputs 1 1 unlimited 1
Multi-screen video outputs 0 0 unlimited 0
1000 video layers
Full-surface Video cues
Custom geometry Video cues
Fade Video cues
Video playback rate fading
Masking & edge blending
Surface warping & keystone correction
Video effects
Syphon input & output
Blackmagic device input & output
Camera cues
Text cues
Patchable DMX addresses 16 16 16 unlimited
Remote control via OSC, MIDI, MSC, iOS app
Network cues
MIDI cues
MIDI File cues
Pause cues
Devamp cues
Target cues
Arm & Disarm cues
Script cues
Timecode cues
Timecode triggers

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