QLab 4 Change Log

4.6.12 - May 3, 2022

FIXED: An issue where QLab could freeze when attempting to stop media playback, particularly on Apple Silicon machines.

FIXED: A rare issue in which channel 1 of an Audio cue could become inaudible.

FIXED: An issue where entering show mode while a Video cue is running could cause the video to jump from its display to the main display.

FIXED: A few potential exceptions related to Light cues.

FIXED: Pasting a MIDI File cue no longer results in a broken cue.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other small bugs.

CHANGED: Resetting a Group cue that is in random mode will now also reset which cues are considered “used” for round-robin randomized playback.

4.6.11 - December 6, 2021

ADDED: When viewing the Light Patch, there is a new menu option for “Patch” → “Select All Instruments”

CHANGED: Command-left-arrow and Command-right-arrow will now carry their traditional meaning of jumping to the beginning or end of a line in the AppleScript text editor and the light command text editor. As with other text editors, you can press the escape key to move focus out of the text editor and restore the ability to move to the next and previous inspector tabs with these commands.

CHANGED: QLab is now more compatible with audio effects that don’t use certain macOS security policies. This change does not make QLab less safe, only more compatible with the way some audio effects handle security.

FIXED: Fix crash reporting on macOS 12 (Monterey).

FIXED: Performance improvements for Light cues.

FIXED: An exception that could occur when deleting Light Patch items.

FIXED: A regression in 4.6.10 that prevented setting certain color values using the sliders in the Text cue color picker.

FIXED: Performance improvements when editing the text of a compiled Script cue.

FIXED: Fade cues will now update their audio effects properly if their target is changed.

4.6.10 - July 7, 2021

ADDED: QLab will now exit full screen mode when starting a bundle operation.

CHANGED: Opening a freshly-bundled workspace is now optional.

FIXED: Drawing the cue list has been optimized in a way that may provide dramatic improvements to responsiveness on Big Sur, and modest improvements on earlier versions of macOS.

FIXED: Several bugs that affected the display of cart cues when running on Big Sur.

FIXED: Several lingering display bugs on Big Sur; certain text fields are now legible again.

FIXED: Video performance problems relating to the use of “keep rendering between cues” on Apple Silicon-based Macs.

FIXED: Video effects now correctly respect the maximum possible size of Video cues.

FIXED: Text cue templates now correctly save the text color property.

FIXED: Problems with thousands separator in the “width” control for Text cues.

FIXED: Improved compatibility with some Art-Net 4 devices. (QLab itself only speaks Art-Net 3, but now does so in a way that won’t cause trouble with some Art-Net 4 devices.)

FIXED: Sending OSC method /level {inChannel} {outChannel} {decibel} to a Video cue now allows use of a string for outChannel. (Previously this worked only for Audio and Mic cues.)

FIXED: Text cues are now constrained to a maximum size of 16384x16384 pixels. A Text cue that ends up with either a width or height in excess of 16384 pixels will now break rather than output all white.

4.6.9 - January 25, 2021

FIXED: Blackmagic video output works again.

FIXED: A formatting bug involving internal OSC queries that return numeric values of 1000 or greater.

4.6.8 - January 11, 2021

FIXED: A bug in the short-lived version 4.6.7 which caused windows to draw as blank white squares under some circumstances.

4.6.7 - January 11, 2021

ADDED: A “Show Password” toggle option when signing in to install or remove licenses.

CHANGED: When bundling, QLab will no longer allow you to delete an existing directory or file, even if you ask it nicely; too dangerous.

FIXED: Video playback now works on machines with Apple Silicon CPUs.

FIXED: Display names are now available again on Apple Silicon CPUs.

FIXED: When opening saved workspaces, video surfaces will now have their displays connected on Apple Silicon CPUs.

FIXED: An issue which could cause a Video cue whose target has no audio track to incorrectly calculate its post-wait time when auto-following.

FIXED: An issue which could cause a cue with non-infinitely looping slices to incorrectly display its progress bar in the Active Cues tab of the sidebar.

FIXED: Several UI irregularities when running on macOS Big Sur.

FIXED: Assorted other fixes, some of which prevent crashes.

4.6.6 - September 22, 2020

ADDED: Support for DS100 scene recall.

ADDED: Support for the Yarilo DMX PRO USB device.

CHANGED: The OSC message which allowed you to set a Video, Camera, or Text cue’s video effect have been changed from /cue/{cue number}/effect {effect number}, which did not work (for boring technical reasons) to /cue/{cue number}/effectIndex {effect number} which does work (also for boring technical reasons.)

FIXED: Changing the background color of a Text cue using AppleScript now works using the “backgroundRgbaColor” property of the cue’s “text format” record.

FIXED: A rare race condition that could cause QLab to freeze when closing audio devices.

FIXED: A rare and bizarre bug where using Apple’s AUMatrixReverb broke a certain kind of random number generator which could in turn break how QLab identified video surfaces.

FIXED: Performance improvements with opening workspaces.

4.6.5 - June 18, 2020

ADDED: Support for the new Annual educational license. This new Audio+Video+Lighting license is available to all educational accounts, including schools and individual students. Early-bird pricing, available through August, is $75 per person per year.

ADDED: Support for adding an optional note when activating a license, which can be displayed on the license page at https://qlab.app

ADDED: Enhanced key code features for installing bulk Site and Annual licenses.

FIXED: Fixes a bug that prevented being able to Undo edits made to integrated audio fades in Video cues.

4.6.4 - May 21, 2020

FIXED: Fixes a bug where cues duplicated in a cue list using option-drag did not retain their cue targets.

FIXED: A crash in the Inspector that could occur when a Fade cue that targets video effects is retargeted to a cue that does not support video effects.

FIXED: An issue where a Fade cue did not always correctly update its broken status after changing the cue target.

FIXED: Resizing the Inspector when it is in a dedicated window now works correctly on Catalina.

FIXED: Internal OSC queries will now format numeric values correctly for locales that use a comma as a decimal separator.

4.6.3 - March 16, 2020

FIXED: An issue where stopping LTC input and starting it at a later time could cause a temporary ‘fast-forward’ effect.

FIXED: Fixes a bug that prevented the “Edit Cue Notes” hot key from working correctly.

FIXED: Fixes a bug that prevented typing a decimal point in the “Blend gamma” field of the Video Surface Editor.

FIXED: A crash that could occur when inspecting a Fade cue that was targeting a Group cue.

FIXED: Fixes several crashes that could occur if certain system fonts are not installed.

FIXED: An issue that prevented Light cues from resuming if they had been paused during their pre-wait period. (It was particularly easy to encounter this issue when using Light cues in timeline groups.)

FIXED: A bug where cloning an instrument definition would overwrite the old file.

FIXED: Improved support for Enttec DMX USB Pro Mk2 devices which do not properly report their identity.

FIXED: Additional stability improvements related to corner-case GUI exceptions.

CHANGED: OSC messages which address workspaces by name (e.g. “/workspace/the_workspace_name/some_osc_command”) previously needed to exactly match the display name of the workspace, which might or might not include the file extension of the document, depending on macOS settings. Now, using the document name without the file extension will also match, even if the file extension is displayed.

CHANGED: Instrument definitions for the Rosco I-Cue now include support for the pan/tilt control in the Light Dashboard.

ADDED: Instrument definition for the Chroma-Q Moving Mirror.

ADDED: Instrument definition for Epson Pro laser projectors.

ADDED: Instrument definition for the Panasonic PT-RZ670 projector.

4.6.2 - February 12, 2020

FIXED: Several stability improvements made possible using data from the handy new exception reporter added in 4.6.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for “Direct 9 channel” modes of ETC Source 4 LED and D60 fixtures.

4.6.1 - February 6, 2020

FIXED: An issue where Video cues with integrated fade curves could cause the timeline view to crash.

FIXED: A small issue with text fields which is far too complex to explain succinctly, and far too boring to explain in detail.

4.6 - February 5, 2020

ADDED: Workspaces can now have an arbitrary number of Network cue destination patches defined in Workspace Settings > Network.

ADDED: Clicking on the continue column in the cue list will now show a popup menu showing the continue mode options. This is instead of clicking to cycle through the available settings, and should help prevent accidentally editing this property due to a stray click.

ADDED: Support for batch editing MIDI cues.

ADDED: Enhancements to the Target Cue, including support for Fancy Paste, a default name, and proper undo support.

ADDED: Workspace OSC methods /workspace/{id}/settings/audio/outputChannelNames and /workspace/{id}/settings/mic/outputChannelNames which allow getting custom channel names from audio and mic output patches.

ADDED: Cue OSC methods /cue/{cue_number}/secondTriggerAction and /cue/{cue_number}/secondTriggerOnRelease.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Cameo fixtures: F2 FC, Opus S5, and Opus SP5 FC.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Chauvet fixtures: Cloud 9, Ovation CYC 1 FC, Ovation ED-200WW, Ovation H-55WW, Ovation H-265WW, Rogue R1 BeamWash, Rogue R1X Wash, Rogue R2X Wash, and Rogue R3X Wash.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following CLF Lighting fixtures: Apollo XS, Apollo XL, Poseidon, and Serius.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Elation fixtures: Rayzor Beam 2R, Rayzor Q7, and Rayzor Q12

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the GLP X4 Atom PSU-6 and PSU-12.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following High End Systems fixtures: Quad, SolaFrame 1000, SolaFrame 3000, SolaSpot 3000, SolaWash 1000, SolaWash 3000, and TurboRay.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Martin ERA 400 Performance (CLD or WRM).

CHANGED: The “Send” button in the Settings tab of the Network cue inspector is now enabled when multiple cues are selected, but disabled when one or more of the selected cues is disarmed.

CHANGED: In the Timeline view of Group cues, integrated fade curves for cues with slices now draw more accurately.

CHANGED: The Timecode window now restores its location and visibility when QLab quits and restarts.

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to become unresponsive while working with splits on multi-screen video surfaces.

FIXED: A crash that could occur when editing properties of a running Fade cue.

FIXED: Tabbing out of a batch edit “mixed” text field in the Inspector no longer clears the value for the selected cues.

FIXED: Undo functionality now works in the Inspector while typing in Notes, MIDI cue SysEx Message, and Network cue OSC and UDP Message fields.

FIXED: An issue that could cause video playback to drop frames momentarily while generating thumbnail images for the inspector for other Video cues.

FIXED: The audio levels matrix now shows the correct number of decimal places on all versions of macOS.

FIXED: A cosmetic issue related to clicking-and-dragging on audio level fields.

FIXED: Dragging Video, Text, and Camera cue surfaces in the Display & Geometry tab creates one undo item per complete drag and drop.

FIXED: Dragging a slider in the color picker of the Text cue inspector is now smoother.

FIXED: The revert, undo, and redo functionality of the Light dashboard, which were broken in 4.5.

FIXED: Opening certain kinds of workspaces with certain kinds of light submasters was extremely slow. Now: much better.

FIXED: Scrolling now works in the UDP message text field of the Network cue inspector.

FIXED: A workspace with a Network patch set to use a specific network interface no longer appears to be set to “Automatic” when opened on another machine that does not have the same network interface name.

FIXED: A crash that could occur when drawing audio waveforms in the Timeline tab.

FIXED: Instrument definitions for the following ETC instruments have been updated both to correct errors and to support new features: ColorSource PAR, Selador Vivid Lustr, Selador Vivid Paletta, Selador Vivid-R, Source Four LED Series 1 Lustr+, Source Four Series 1 Studio HD, Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr, Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD, and Source Four LED Series 2 Tungsten HD.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other bugs, some of which provide stability improvements.

4.5.4 - November 20, 2019

To the best of our knowledge, QLab 4.5.4 is now compatible with macOS Catalina.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Martin fixtures: ELP CL, ELP WW, ERA 300 profile, MAC Allure Profile, and MAC Allure Wash PC.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Vari*Lite fixtures: VL800 EVENTPAR RGBA, VL800 EVENTPAR WW, VL800 EVENTWASH, VL800 PROPAR, and VL6500 Wash.

FIXED: Found a workaround for a bug in macOS Catalina that caused QLab to crash when viewing large audio matrixes.

FIXED: A regression in 4.5.3 that broke the ability to assign gangs in the “Audio Levels” tab of the inspector.

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly when running on macOS 10.10.

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly when a Syphon device is removed.

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly when editing the Light Patch.

FIXED: An issue related to cues which target each other, leading to recursiveness and also to recursiveness.

FIXED: A bug that caused audio effect editors on Cue Output and Device Output busses to show the wrong channel number in some cases.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other small bugs.

4.5.3 - October 28, 2019

CHANGED: QLab has a new home on the web! Internal links now point to our new website at https://qlab.app

ADDED: Workspace video setting to enable or disable hardware video decoding when available. (In some rare cases, hardware video decoding can actually degrade performance.)

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Elation fixtures: Arena Zoom Q7IP, Artiste Monet, Artiste Van Gogh, DW PAR Z19 IP, DTW PAR 300, Fuze Profile, Fuze Profile CW, Fuze Spot, Proteus Maximus, Proteus Smarty Hybrid, Proteus Smarty Max, Proteus Rayzor 760, Rayzor 760, SEVEN Batten 14, SEVEN Batten 42, SEVEN Batten 72, SEVEN PAR 7IP, SEVEN PAR 19IP, SIXPAR 100, SIXPAR 100IP, SIXPAR 200, SIXPAR 200IP, SIXPAR 200WMG, SIXPAR 200WMG HW, SIXPAR 300, SIXPAR 300IP, SIXPAR 300WMG, SIXPAR 300WMG HW, and SIXPAR Z19 IP.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Robe fixtures: BMFL Followspot, BMFL Followspot LT, CycFX 4, CycFX 8, Esprite, iPointe, SilverScan, SuperSpikie, T1 Fresnel, and T1 PC.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the SGM G-7 Spot and SixPack.

FIXED: An issue that prevented disabling Fade cue audio crosspoint fields once they were enabled.

FIXED: An issue that could prevent the paste operation from working when fancy-pasting audio gangs.

FIXED: An issue that consumed increasing CPU and RAM when toggling LTC timecode input on and off.

FIXED: Timecode triggers can now be turned off without requiring a license to be installed.

FIXED: Errors in the instrument definitions for the Robe MiniPointe and Megapointe.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other small bug fixes.

4.5.2 - September 25, 2019

ADDED: Performance improvements when playing back H.264 encoded video files on some hardware configurations.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly when logging in to manage licenses.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly when stopping a cue (or reaching the end of a cue) on which audio effects were being faded.

FIXED: Changing the number of a Light cue used as a submaster will no longer break any MIDI controls assigned to that submaster in the light settings.

FIXED: Light cues set to collate previous light commands will now work properly when submasters are active.

FIXED: An issue in the Network cue inspector where the content of the text editor could be cleared when switching focus between windows.

4.5.1 - September 19, 2019

ADDED: The Video settings panel now offers a button to open the macOS system display preferences, for your enjoyment and convenience.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following American DJ fixtures: 15 Hex Bar IP, Encore Burst RGBW IP, Encore Burst UV IP, Entour Ice, Focus Beam LED, Focus Spot 4Z, PAR Z Move, PAR Z Move RGBW, Saber Bar 6, Starship, and Vizi Wash Z19.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Cameo fixtures: SuperFly XS, Thunder Wash 100 W, 100 RGB, 600 W, 600 RGB, 600 RGBW, 600 UV, and Tribar IR series.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the GLP Impression S350 Wash, Impression X4 Bar 10, and Impression X4 Bar 20.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Yorkville LP-LED/x bar.

FIXED: The cue list playhead will now (again) be preserved when switching between cue lists.

FIXED: When dragging a folder of audio into a cue list, group cues will again be created for each nested folder.

FIXED: A bug that could prevent the color picker scaling slider to work when scaling a color entered via the light dashboard command line.

FIXED: A bug relating to auto-targeting newly created cues.

FIXED: The crash report window could sometimes be hidden behind other windows at launch. It should now always be visible.

FIXED: Several issues that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly.

FIXED: Errors in the instrument definitions for the CLF Lighting Conan.

4.5 - September 9, 2019

⭑ Stars denote major changes.

⭑ ADDED: Light Submasters. Any Light cue can now be used as a submaster in the Light Dashboard. When a light cue appears as a submaster, it will appear with a scaling factor between 0 and 100. You can adjust this up or down to scale all the lights in the cue relative to that factor. The values set by submasters are treated in a “highest value takes precedence” manner with respect to Light cues. Thus, any lights brought up by submasters will be at least at the level specified by the submaster. They can not be faded to a lower value by Light cues until the submaster is brought down.

⭑ ADDED: Virtual Parameters, Color Pickers, and Pan/Tilt controls. You can now create “virtual” parameters out of an instrument’s raw parameters, which allow you to use a single control to modify several parameters at once. For example, if you have an RGB light you can create a virtual color parameter which combines the raw red, green, and blue parameters into a single “color” parameter.

Virtual parameters appear as custom controls on the right side of the light dashboard and the light cue levels tab of the inspector.

We have updated the instrument definitions shipped with QLab to include these new virtual parameters, but if you open an old workspace you will need to manually update the instrument definitions in the workspace to access the new controls.

⭑ ADDED: Light commands which pull values from other cues can now scale those values. Previously, a light command like “all = cue 10” would set exactly the values specified by light cue 10. Now, you can scale the values of cue 10 between 0 and 1 when they are pulled into another light cue.

ADDED: Support for dragging multiple cues simultaneously within a cart.

ADDED: Support for creating multiple cues at once in a cart by dragging in files or a folder from the Finder.

ADDED: Inspector windows can now be floated above other windows.

ADDED: Support for batch editing Network cues.

ADDED: Support for background color formatting for Text cues.

ADDED: Text cue OSC and AppleScript hooks for setting background color, strikethrough color & style, and underline color & style.

ADDED: The Light Patch now has an “Output” column to show which USB device or Art-Net settings are in use by each instrument.

ADDED: Workspace OSC methods /workspace/{id}/go/{cue_number} and /workspace/{id}/go {cue_number} which allow setting the playhead to the specified cue and then triggering a GO on that cue in the same action.

ADDED: Cue OSC methods /cue/{cue_number}/setDefaultLevels, /cue/{cue_number}/setSilentLevels, and /cue/{cue_number}/setLevelsFromTarget which replicate the behavior of the “Set Default Levels” and “Set All Levels Silent” buttons in the Audio Levels tab of the inspector for Audio, Video, and Mic cues and the “Set from Target” and “Set All Silent” buttons for Fade cues.

ADDED: Fade cue OSC method /cue/{cue_number}/setGeometryFromTarget which replicates the behavior of the “Set Geometry from Target” button in the Geometry tab of the Fade cue inspector.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Altman AP-150 RGBW LED Par.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Chauvet fixtures: COLORado Solo Batten, COLORado Solo Batten 4, Maverick MK3 Profile, and Maverick MK3 Spot.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following CLF Lighting fixtures: Apollo, Orion, and Spectrum P2.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the ETC Relevé.

ADDED: Instrument definition for the GLP Highlander and Impression E350.

CHANGED: All light definitions which include pan and tilt now use 50% (center) as the home values for those parameters.

CHANGED: The popped-out inspector panel can now be duplicated into a secondary cue inspector.

CHANGED: The audition window’s “Keep window on top” option has been renamed to “Float”.

CHANGED: The audio level output fields will now constrain the displayed output level to the maximum value allowed by the workspace audio settings.

CHANGED: The Rate field in the Time & Loops tab of the Audio and Video inspectors, and the Audio Effects tab of the Fade inspector, now sets the the cue’s rate to 1.0 when using option-click.

CHANGED: When importing .gobutton and .gobundle files, cues that can be imported as just Audio or Wait cues are no longer nested inside Group cues.

CHANGED: Light cue OSC method /cue/{cue_number}/removeLightCommandsMatching {string} now requires a match on the full text of the light command string. Previously, {string} only needed to match the instrument or group name to remove a command. This change also fixes a bug which caused QLab Remote to be unable to delete certain light commands from the Light cue inspector when connected to QLab 4.4.x.

CHANGED: AppleScript command “removeLightCommandsMatching” removes the parameter “selector” and replaces it with a new parameter “command”. Like the OSC method of the same name, this command now performs matches on the full text of the light command rather than just the instrument or group name.

CHANGED: In the Text cue inspector, you can now option-click on the font, text color, or background color panel toggle buttons to reset that attribute to the default format.

FIXED: A bug introduced in 4.4.0 when pasting multiple cues into a cue cart that could cause the new cues to be placed non-sequentially.

FIXED: Integrated fades that are not locked to the start/end of Audio and Video cues are now displayed correctly in the Timeline tab.

FIXED: You can now use the same Syphon source in multiple Camera cues.

FIXED: Several issues when batch editing Wall Clock triggers in the “Triggers” inspector tab.

FIXED: Batch editing the Camera cue “patch” value in the “Display & Geometry” inspector tab now updates all selected cues.

FIXED: Scrubbing a still image Video cue with a duration in the active cues panel will now work.

FIXED: Attempting to set an invalid cue color name via AppleScript or OSC no longer sets the cue color to grey.

FIXED: A bug that could prevent update messages from being sent to QLab Remote after changes are made to the Light Dashboard in QLab.

FIXED: Paste Cue Properties now properly clears out previous gang entries.

FIXED: Fade Cue Templates now show tabs for Video Geometry and Video Effects.

FIXED: Broadcast mode has been enabled for outgoing UDP messages.

FIXED: Strikethrough formatting for Text cues is now visible during playback.

FIXED: Text cue now uses the Text cue template to derive default font attributes.

FIXED: Text cue font properties are no longer reset to the default format after using OSC or AppleScript to set the “live text” of that cue to an empty string.

FIXED: The Fade cue inspector now shows the proper tabs when setting its target to a Video, Text, or Camera cue.

4.4.5 - April 17, 2019

FIXED: A bug that would cause QLab to terminate unexpectedly when interacting with the triggers tab of the Video, Text, or Camera cues.

4.4.4 - April 9, 2019

FIXED: A bug related to video effects with color pickers.

FIXED: Dragging video effects parameters will now work better with undo.

FIXED: Dragging video effects text fields will no longer cause the mouse to freeze.

FIXED: Custom Quartz Composer files on Text and Camera cues are now included when bundling.

FIXED: You can no longer drag cues between lists and carts when in show mode.

FIXED: OSC method /cue/{number}/cartPosition now returns a valid position immediately after dragging a cue from a cue list to a cart, which fixes a bug that prevented those cues from sometimes appearing in a cart in QLab Remote.

FIXED: A bug that prevented OSC method /move from working without the /workspace/{id} prefix.

ADDED: The Find tool now includes the contents of Light cues among its results.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Panasonic PT-DS20K, PT-DW17, PT-DZ21K, and PT-RZ120 projectors.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Robe T1 Profile and T1 Profile FS.

ADDED: Support for H.265 (HEVC) video codec. Please refer to our video codec recommendations; while HEVC is now supported, it is not recommended for optimal performance.

4.4.3 - February 21, 2019

FIXED: Live preview of fading video effect parameters now works.

FIXED: A regression in 4.4.2 that broke fading video effects.

FIXED: A regression in 4.4.2 that broke the Titles video effect.

FIXED: A regression in 4.4.2 that broke the use of custom Quartz Compositions.

ADDED: Certain OSC methods that return lists of cues now have options to return less data. The following OSC methods send back just cue uniqueIDs, “shallow” data (only the first layer of child cues), or both:

  • /cue/{number}/children/shallow
  • /cue/{number}/children/uniqueIDs
  • /cue/{number}/children/uniqueIDs/shallow
  • /cueLists/shallow
  • /cueLists/uniqueIDs
  • /cueLists/uniqueIDs/shallow
  • /selectedCues/shallow
  • /selectedCues/uniqueIDs
  • /selectedCues/uniqueIDs/shallow
  • /runningCues/shallow
  • /runningCues/uniqueIDs
  • /runningCues/uniqueIDs/shallow
  • /runningOrPausedCues/shallow
  • /runningOrPausedCues/uniqueIDs
  • /runningOrPausedCues/uniqueIDs/shallow

4.4.2 - February 11, 2019

FIXED: QLab will no longer overwrite levels of Audio and Video cues when setting the target file the first time.

FIXED: The behavior of pinch-to-zoom gestures in the Timeline tab.

FIXED: The behavior of the preview button in the Timeline tab.

FIXED: The inspector now correctly shows video-related tabs when a Fade cue is created automatically targeting a Video, Camera, or Text cue.

FIXED: Several issues with loading saved parameters on unused video effects.

FIXED: Resizing the Mic cue inspector won’t leave certain buttons dangling about in awkward places.

ADDED: Additional support for importing .gobutton and .gobundle files created by Go Button 3.2.1 and later.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Chauvet fixtures: COLORado 1 Quad, COLORado Batten 72X, Ovation P-56FC, Ovation P-56UV, and Ovation P-56VW.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Cameo fixtures: Auro Bar 100, Auro Beam 150, Auro Beam 200 DC, Auro Matrix 500, Auro Spot 100, Auro Spot 200, Auro Spot 300, Auro Spot 400, Azor B1, CL 200, Evos S3, F2 D, F2 T, Flat 1 RGB 10 IR, Flat 1 TRI 3W IR, Flat 1 TW, Flat Moon, Flat PAR RGBW IR, Flat Pro 12, Flat Pro 12 IP, Flat Pro 18, Flat Pro 18 IP, Flat Pro 7, Flat Pro 7 IP, Flat Pro 7Spot, Flat Pro 7XS, Flat Pro Flood 600 IP65, Flat Pro Flood IP65 TRI, Flat Star, Flat Storm, Flat UV, Hydrabeam 1000 RGBW, Instant Hazer Pro 1400, Instant Hazer Pro 1500T, IODA 400 RGY, IODA 600 RGB, IODA 1000 RGB, LUKE 400 RGY, LUKE 700 RGB, LUKE 1000 RGB, Movo Beam 100, Movo Beam Z 100, Nanobeam 300, Nanospot 120, Nanospot 300, Opus SP5, Outdoor PAR TRI 12 IP, PAR 56 Q 8W, PAR 56 RGB 10, PAR 56 RGB 5, PAR 56 TRI 3W, PAR 64 Q 8W, PAR 64 RGB 10, PAR 64 RGB 10, PAR 64 RGB 3W, PAR 64 RGBA 10, PAR 64 RGBWAU 10W, PAR 64 TRI 3W, Q-Spot 15 RGBW, Q-Spot 15W, Q-Spot 40 CW, Q-Spot 40 RGBW, Q-Spot 40 WW, Steam Wizard 1000, Steam Wizard 2000, Studio Mini COB 30W, Studio Mini Q 4W W, Studio Mini Q 8W, Studio Mini TRI 3W, Studio PAR 64 Q 8W, Studio PAR 64 RGBA Q 8W, Studio PAR 64 TRI 3W, Studio PAR DTW, Stuiod PAR 64 RGBWA+UV 12W, TS 40 WW, TS 60 W RGBW, TS 100 WW, TS 200 WW, Wookie 150 G, Wookie 200 R, Wookie 200 RGY, Wookie 400 RGB, Wookie 600 B, Zenit B60, Zenit B200, Zenit P40, Zenit P130, Zenit W300, Zenit W600, Zenit W600-D, Zenit Z120, Zenit Z120 G2

CHANGED: Refinements to the auto-targeting behavior for new cues introduced in QLab 4.4. Now, newly created cues will avoid automatically targeting cues which target other cues. This should avoid situations where, for example, creating several Start cues in a row resulted in a probably not-useful cascade of cue targets.

4.4.1 - January 16, 2019

FIXED: When using the Load to Time slider, the yellow load indicators shown in the cue list are updated.

FIXED: Double clicking the text fields of a cue list in show mode will, again, no longer allow the editing of those fields.

FIXED: Running a Fade cue that only fades audio effects will no longer break the cue if the target audio is not currently loaded.

FIXED: Light Groups are now displayed in proper lexical order in the Light Dashboard.

FIXED: The preview/pause button in the Timeline tab did not reflect the action it would take.

FIXED: A bug when importing a .gobundle file from Go Button that could cause audio files with non-US characters in the file name to fail to be copied to the new workspace’s “audio” folder.

ADDED: Instrument definition for the GLP Impression S350.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Monoprice Stage Right fixtures: 3-Color LED Light Bar, 3-Color LED Moving Head Light, 3-Color LED PAR-64, Ellipsoidal 60-watt COB LED, Ellipsoidal 180-watt COB RGBW LED, Ellipsoidal 200-watt COB LED, PAR 8-watt x7 RGBW LED, PAR 10-watt x6 RGBW LED IP65, PAR 10-watt x9 RGBW LED, PAR 12-watt x7 RGBAW-UV LED, PAR 15-watt x12 RGBAW LED, PAR 18 Watt x18 RGBWA-UV LED, PAR 18-watt x18 RGBWA-UV LED with zoom, Stage Beam 30-watt LED Moving Head, Stage Wash 10-watt x7 RGBW LED Moving Head, Stage Wash 10-watt x36 LED RGBW Moving Head with zoom, Stage Wash 12-watt x7 LED Moving Head RGBW with zoom, and Truss Wash 3-watt x3 Uplight.

ADDED: Provided information for newer macOS versions about what QLab uses the microphone and camera for.

4.4 - December 3, 2018

⭑ Stars denote major changes.

Workflow Changes

⭑ ADDED: Multiple inspectors. You can now have multiple inspector windows open for a single workspace. Secondary inspectors are accessible via the View menu.

  • The primary inspector, whether or not it’s popped out, shows the selected cue in the main workspace window as before.
  • Secondary inspectors show a specific cue, selectable via a drop-down menu in the window footer.
  • Multiple inspectors can inspect the same cue at once.

⭑ ADDED: Auto-target new cues. Newly created cues will automatically target the selected cues when applicable.

  • When creating a new cue that targets another cue, the new cue will automatically target the currently selected cue.
  • If multiple cues are selected, a new dialog offers the choice of creating multiple new cues inserted after each target cue, multiple new cues after the last selected cue, or only a single new cue.
  • When creating Fade cues, selected cues will only be targeted if they are Group, Audio, Mic, Video, Camera, or Text cues.

⭑ ADDED: Pin cues in the timeline. In the Timeline tab of the inspector, cues can now be “pinned” to the top of the timeline. Pinned cues remain visible at the top of the timeline at all times, making it easy to compare pinned cues with cues lower down in the timeline.

⭑ ADDED: Cue lists opened in secondary windows now support limited editing when the workspace is in edit mode. You can edit cues’ cue number, cue name, pre-wait, action (if applicable), post-wait, and continue mode.

ADDED: In the Timeline tab of the inspector, when the option (⌥) key is held down, the left and right arrow keys “nudge” the pre-wait of the selected cue by 0.1 second. When the option (⌥) and shift (⇧) keys are both held down, the arrow keys nudge the pre-wait of the selected cue by 0.01 second.

ADDED: In the Timeline tab of the inspector, snapping behavior now includes snapping to the current playback time of cues in the same Timeline group.

ADDED: Cue colors are now shown in the Active Cues tab of the sidebar.

ADDED: The specific version of QLab you are running is now displayed in the “About QLab” menu item.

ADDED: The workspace window can now be much narrower when the inspector is either not visible or popped out as a separate window.

ADDED: The waveform view in the Time & Loops tab of the inspector now remembers your zoom and scroll positions for each cue.

ADDED: The waveform view in the Time & Loops tab of the inspector now shows the time at your mouse cursor even when the integrated fade is turned off.

ADDED: The waveform view in the Time & Loops tab of the inspector now supports hotkeys to set the start or end time of the cue to the current playback time. You can click anywhere in the waveform view and use ⇧I to set the start time, or ⇧O to set the end time.

ADDED: The Find search bar now allows you to “Select Found Cues”.

ADDED: Fancy Paste / Paste Cue Properties now supports a default preset, which will select properties automatically when opening the Fancy Paste window.

ADDED: Fancy Paste / Paste Cue Properties has improved support for Network and MIDI cues. Support for pasting Timecode cue destinations has been removed temporarily while we improve support for Timecode cues.

ADDED: The Tools menu has two new options when the selected cues have file targets: “Open target file in external editor” and “Reveal target file in Finder”.

ADDED: The hotkeys for Move Playhead to Next Sequence (+/=) and Move Playhead to Previous Sequence (-) now have matching menu items in the View menu.

ADDED: When a workspace is in show mode, QLab will ask for confirmation before closing the workspace or quitting.

ADDED: Support for importing Go Button shows created by version 3.2 and later.

CHANGED: In the Timeline tab of the inspector, cues that have no duration (like Start and Memo cues, or MIDI and Network cues depending on settings) have a smaller minimum vertical height.

FIXED: Improved undo for cue properties that adjust cue duration.

FIXED: A bug that could cause a cue to erroneously auto-continue if you previewed the cue and then clicked in the waveform.

Lighting Changes

⭑ FIXED: Significant performance improvements when working with large light patches and many light cues.

⭑ FIXED: Individual Light cues can now include multiple commands that apply to the same instrument or group, if those commands make distinct changes to the instrument or group (such as when pulling values from other Light cues.)

CHANGED: In the Light Dashboard, you can now easily click and drag up and down on a parameter’s text field to adjust that parameter. Dragging in this way shows decimal places to allow precise level setting, and the number of decimal places shown is greater for 16-bit parameters than for 8-bit parameters. Holding the shift key (⇧) while dragging allows even greater precision.

CHANGED: The light definition editor has been redesigned for friendlier instrument editing.

CHANGED: Light commands shown in the Light cue inspector are now automatically pruned when viewed or after certain editing operations. Thus, the “prune” button has been removed from the inspector.

ADDED: OSC and AppleScript API for a new function “replaceLightCommand” which replaces the older “updateLightCommand” command.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Altman PHX series.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Chauvet 4Bar Tri, COLORado Panel Q40, COLORband PiX, EZpar T6 USB, FXpar 3, FXpar 9, Maverick Storm 1 Wash, Ovation F-415FC, Ovation P-56WW, Strike P38, and Strike Saber.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Elation Platinum Spot 15r.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the K9 Pup, Bulldog, Bulldog Pro, and Labrador.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Panasonic PT-RZ570 projector.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Robe ParFect S1.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following SGM fixtures: i-2, i-5, P-1, P-2, P-5, P-6, P-10, Q-2, Q-7, Q-10, and S-4.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Showline fixtures: SL Bar 620, SL Bar 640, SL Bar 660, SL Bar 720ZT, SL eStrip 10 RGBW, SL Hydrus 350, SL LEDSpot 300, SL Nitro 510C, SL PAR 155 Zoom RGBW, SL Punchlite 220, and SL Strip 10 IP.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Vari*Lite fixtures: VL10 BeamWash, VL800 BeamLine, VL2600 Profile, VL2600 Spot, VL2600 Wash, VLZ Profile, VLZ Spot, and VLZ Wash.

4.3.4 - November 5, 2018

FIXED: Timeline groups that have a pre-wait will now load to the correct time when clicking inside the timeline.

FIXED: Tiles in the Light Dashboard will now be refreshed correctly if a section of tiles has been collapsed.

FIXED: The AppleScript command to safe sort light cue commands now works.

FIXED: The Record Cue Sequence window will now work when using independent cue list windows.

FIXED: Video cues will now use the levels set in their Cue Template when setting a new target and setting default levels.

FIXED: The “duck by” level and MIDI Trigger Byte 1 stepper interface now work properly when batch editing multiple cues.

FIXED: Fancy-pasting audio effects to multiple cues now works.

FIXED: Improved batch adjustment of audio/video rate.

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to crash when quitting the application.

CHANGED: The popover window for choosing light definitions is now wider and supports scrolling horizontally.

ADDED: QLab now draws integrated fade curves on top of waveforms in the timeline view.

ADDED: Timeline view now supports more workspace-level hotkeys: Pause All, Resume All, Pause/Resume Selected.

ADDED: AppleScript property “parent list” for cues, which returns the parent cue list (or cue cart) that contains the cue.

ADDED: A warning label to the “Logs” tab of the Status window, to make it clear if the MIDI and OSC inputs or controls are currently disabled in the workspace.

4.3.3 - October 9, 2018

FIXED: A regression in 4.3.2 that could cause QLab to crash when viewing audio waveforms.

4.3.2 - October 8, 2018

FIXED: Audio waveforms will now be drawn correctly in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

FIXED: You can again scrub Fade cues in the active cues list.

FIXED: Loading the timeline view from the gutter will now work when the timeline is horizontally scrolled.

FIXED: Much improved performance when drawing timeline waveforms.

FIXED: Cues with a playback rate other than “1” now appear the correct length in the timeline view.

FIXED: An issue that could prevent the Dashboard Update button from working.

FIXED: An issue with pulling from a Light cue if the cue included a “pass” command.

FIXED: The triggers table will now remain sorted when it is reloaded.

FIXED: If a cue that is being panicked takes longer to panic than the running post-wait, it will no longer auto-continue to the next cue at the end of the post-wait.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other bugs, including some which prevent crashes.

4.3.1 - September 4, 2018

FIXED: A regression in 4.3 that broke the ability of MIDI cues to fade over a series of values.

FIXED: An issue that could prevent the use of the Light Dashboard “Update” button.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other small bugs.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following American DJ fixtures: 3 Sixty 2R, 64B LED Pro, Asteroid 1200, Dotz Par, Event Bar Pro, Inno Pocket Roll, Inno Pocket Scan, Jelly PAR Profile, Mega Bar 50RGB, Mega Bar 50RGB RC, Mega Bar RGBA, Mega PAR Profile Plus, Mega TriPar Profile, Ninja 5RX, PAR Z120 RGBW, PAR ZP120 RGBW, Profile Panel RGB, Profile Panel RGBA, Sweeper Beam Quad LED, UB 6H, UB 9H, UB 12H, Ultra Bar 6, Ultra Bar 9, Ultra Bar 12, Ultra Hex Bar 6, Ultra Hex Bar 12, Vizi Roller Beam 2R, and XS 600.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following CLF Lighting fixtures: Hera, LEDbar Pro, and Spectrum P1 DL.

4.3 - August 28, 2018

⭑ Stars denote major changes.

Workflow Changes

⭑ ADDED: Timeline view! You can now view and edit “start all” group cues as a visual timeline. The timeline view lets you:

  • drag cues to set their timing
  • snap to start, end, and slice times while dragging
  • view audio waveform and playback position of each cue
  • trim the start and end times of Audio and Video cues
  • option-drag to “slip” the start and end times of a cue in place
  • adjust cues in the timeline view to custom heights
  • read all about it here.

ADDED: In the audio waveform view you can now zoom out with ⌘-, and zoom in with ⌘= and ⌘+

ADDED: Workspaces now respond to the new AppleScript commands undo and redo.

CHANGED: The delay to expand Group cues while dragging in the cue list has been increased to 2 seconds.

CHANGED: By default, new workspaces will now listen for control messages on any MIDI channel.

FIXED: When pasting levels onto a Fade cue, QLab now correctly overwrites all levels previously in the Fade cue.

FIXED: An issue with displaying elapsed times in the active cues view.

FIXED: The AppleScript application properties “overrides” and “preferences” can now be assigned to variables in a script.

FIXED: Other small bugs.

Audio Changes

⭑ ADDED: You can now batch-edit audio levels and audio trim in the Mic cue inspector.

Video Changes

FIXED: A regression in 4.2 that could cause very short video fades to “miss” the final fade value.

FIXED: The cue inspector now hides the “Time & Loops” panel for Video cues targeting still images.

Lighting Changes

⭑ ADDED: A new “used” filter for the Light Dashboard, to show only those commands currently used in a cue or entered directly into the dashboard.

⭑ ADDED: A new parking function to the Light Dashboard: In slider mode, select one or more lights in the dashboard and use the “Park Selected Lights” or “Unpark Selected Lights” commands from the Tools menu. QLab will freeze the output for the selected instrument parameters while they are parked.

⭑ ADDED: New MIDI Controls for the Light Dashboard:

  • assign MIDI controls to any instrument parameter, not just the default parameter
  • assign MIDI controls to “selected” instruments & groups, allowing you to dynamically adjust selected parameters
  • batch edit MIDI controls
  • filter the list of all light commands when editing MIDI controls, for easier editing

⭑ ADDED: The Light Patch “New Instrument” function now supports:

  • create multiple instruments at once
  • custom “increment by” option for new instrument names
  • optional custom prefix for new instrument names

⭑ ADDED: AppleScript support for the Light Dashboard.

⭑ ADDED: The Light Dashboard now clarifies the distinction between groups and instruments, and organizes tiles in a more useful way.

ADDED: The Light Patch “New Group” function now supports more options, including the ability to add multiple groups at once, and adding selected patch items to the new group(s).

ADDED: The Light Dashboard sliders now show an arrow to indicate the direction of the most recent change for each parameter.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following American DJ fixtures: 5P Hex, 12P Hex, 18P Hex, 7PZ IP, Chameleon QBar Pro, COB Cannon Wash, COB Cannon Wash DW, Dotz Par 100, Entourage, Entour Venue, Flat Par QA5XS, Flat Par TRI7XS, Flat Par TRI18XS, Flat Par TW5, Flat Par TW12, Fog Fury Jett, Fog Fury Jett Pro, Lightning COB Cannon, Mega 75 Profile Plus, Mega TriPar Profile Plus, Mega Flash DMX, Mega HEX Par, MOD HEX100, MOD QA60, MODQW100, MOD TW100, Par Z100 3k, Par Z100 5k, Par ZP100 3k, Pocket Pro, Ultra Hex Par 3, UV 72IP, UV COB Cannon, and Vizi CMY300.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Chauvet Ovation F-145WW, FD-105WW, and FD-205WW.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following CLF Lighting fixtures: Aorun, Ares, Ares XS, Beam 6, Color PAR 12, Conan, Dynamic White PAR, EF Smoke 1500, EF Smoke 3100, Haze I, Haze II, Hercules, Juno, LED Wash CW-WW, LED Wash RGBW, LEDWash XL, Quadcolor Mini PAR, Tricolor Mini PAR, Xena, and Yara.

ADDED: Instrument definition for the GLP Impression FR1.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Martin fixtures: MAC 250/250+, MAC 250 Krypton/Entour, MAC 250 Wash, MAC 301 Wash, MAC 350 Entour, MAC 500, MAC 575 Krypton, MAC 600, MAC 600 NT, MAC 700 Profile, MAC 700 Wash, MAC 1200, MAC 2000 Performance/Performance II, MAC 2000 Wash XB, RUSH PAR 3 RGB, and RUSH PAR 4 UV.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following Robe instruments: ParFect 100, ParFect 100 DL, ParFect 100 SW, ParFect 150, ParFect 150 FW, ParFect 150 RGBA, and Strobe IP.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following SGM fixtures: G-1 Beam, G-1 Wash, G-4 Wash, G-4 Wash Motorized Barndoors, G-4 Washbeam, G-4 Wash White, G-4 Washbeam White, G-Profile, G-Profile Turbo, G-Spot, G-Spot Turbo, and G-Wash.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Showtec Sunstrip Active.

⭑ CHANGED: MIDI controls for lighting now affect only the Light Dashboard, and no longer affect the Light Cue Inspector. In addition, the Light Dashboard listens for incoming MIDI messages at all times — even when the Light Dashboard does not have focus or is not visible.

CHANGED: Controlling the Light Dashboard via MIDI is now a bit more accurate; the light commands generated by the incoming MIDI messages are no longer rounded to the nearest integer for percentage parameters.

CHANGED: Pressing the left or right arrow key when text is selected in a slider or tile text field will now move the insertion point normally, rather than moving focus to the next or previous text field.

FIXED: Duplicate light instrument parameter names have been removed from light command autocompletion suggestions.

FIXED: Improved Light Dashboard performance.

FIXED: Improved MIDI feedback behavior.

4.2.5 - July 5, 2018

FIXED: The video surface grid will now display on the first attempt to show it, rather than the second.

FIXED: Issues with the audio matrix UI introduced by changes made for accessibility. (This reverts some accessibility enhancements to the audio matrix, which we’ll reimplement again in a different way.)

FIXED: A bug that could cause the mouse cursor to permanently disappear when dragging in a volume level field.

FIXED: A bug that prevented being able to edit MIDI Trigger byte value text when the field contained non-integer text, e.g. “any” or “>100”.

FIXED: A bug with how Fade cues displayed the post wait time in the list of active cues.

FIXED: A Quartz Composer composition lacking the required input and output properties will no longer lead to a crash.

FIXED: The help label in the Network cue now localizes the fractional number to match your locale.

CHANGED: When capturing a message to create a MIDI trigger, the cue inspector now ignores MIDI pitch wheel messages.

ADDED: The column widths in the Light Dashboard and Light cue Levels Inspector are now saved and restored.

4.2.4 - May 30, 2018

FIXED: Video opacity works again on older graphics cards from 2008/2009.

FIXED: Restarting a paused Camera cue that displays a Syphon video input will no longer crash.

FIXED: The MIDI input channel for the Light settings is now saved.

FIXED: A bug that prevented a Group cue in “random” mode from working properly if the group contained only a single armed cue.

FIXED: Fixes an issue that caused the text cursor to disappear when opening the inspector for a Text cue that contains no text.

FIXED: Fixes a regression in 4.2.0 that affected the position of a Text cue if set to a fixed width or if a drop shadow was applied to the text.

FIXED: A bug when importing a show exported from Go Button that contains “empty” cues that have no audio files assigned.

FIXED: The auto-update mechanism was sending identifiable license information in what was supposed to be an anonymous system profile. All identifiable information has been stripped from this profile to make it anonymous again, previously collected license profile data has been deleted from our server, and the server has been adjusted to drop any non-anonymous data sent in from older versions.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other bug fixes.

CHANGED: Simplifies the workspace created when importing a Go Button show by no longer adding Arm / Disarm cues inside the internal start actions group.

ADDED: Show the Machine ID in the Licenses window whenever you are not logged in, to make it easier to find the Machine ID for use when activating via https://qlab.app

4.2.3 - April 9, 2018

FIXED: A crash when closing a workspace.

FIXED: Setting the audio trim via a text field no longer sets the audio’s initial level.

4.2.2 - April 6, 2018

FIXED: The surface grid test pattern now works again.

FIXED: If a Command-Key shortcut isn’t “caught” by a menu item, make sure it doesn’t match an edit key or hotkey. (e.g. “Command-V” for paste turning in to “V” for preview.)

FIXED: Several small errors in the instrument definition for the Martin MAC Encore Performance CLD or WRM.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Altman Spectra Series.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Chauvet Ovation B-1965FC.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Clay Paky Hepikos.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Elation Fuze Par Z60 IP, Fuze Par Z120 IP, Fuze Par Z175 IP, Paladin, and ZCL 360i.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following German Light Products fixtures: Force 120, GT-1, Impression SpotOne, Impression WashOne, JDC1, Volkslicht RGB, Volkslicht RGB Zoom, and Volkslicht Spot.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the following ETC/High End Systems fixtures: SolaFrame 705, SolaFrame 1500, SolaFrame 2000, SolaFrame Theatre, SolaHyBeam 1000, SolaHyBeam 2000, SolaSpot Pro CMY, SolaSpot 1000, SolaSpot 2000, and SolaWash 2000.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Martin Atomic 3000, Atomic 3000 LED, MAC Encore Wash CLD or WRM, and RUSH FiberSource 1.

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Philips Selecon PL mkII series (PLCYC1 mkII, PLFRESNEL1 mkII, PLPROFILE1 mkII, and PLPROFILE4 mkII fixtures.)

ADDED: Instrument definitions for the Robe PATT Driver (suitable for the onePATT, pixelPATT, and PATT 2017 fixtures.)

4.2.1 - March 28, 2018

FIXED: Blackmagic video output now works again.

FIXED: You can again drag slices to change them in a Video cue’s waveform.

FIXED: Fade cues targeting a Group can once again fade the geometry of Video, Camera, and Text cues inside the group.

FIXED: An issue that resulted in excessive memory usage by workspaces with Video cues targeting still images.

FIXED: The Audio Device Routing in the audio patch editor window will again display the correct crosspoint levels. (The levels were correct, but not displayed correctly.)

FIXED: A bug that could prevent cues from playing to the audition window in some cases.

FIXED: A bug that could prevent cues from playing when triggered by a start cue in some cases.

FIXED: An issue with displaying the correct Video cue inspector tabs when multiple cues are selected.

FIXED: An issue with displaying the correct Fade cue inspector tabs when changing cues.

4.2 - March 21, 2018

⭑ Stars denote major changes.

Workflow Changes

⭑ ADDED: Improvements to accessibility, via:

  • much-improved support for screen readers,
  • support for high-contrast mode,
  • support for differentiating UI elements without color,
  • and other improvements.

⭑ ADDED: A Triggers tab to the Workspace Status window, where you can review all cue triggers and workspace controls. You can also copy this information as text to export it to an external text editor or spreadsheet.

ADDED: You can now hold down the (⌥) when dragging cues within a list or cart to duplicate them rather than move them.

ADDED: If you have chosen to show the Launcher window at launch, it will now also be shown if you close all open workspace windows.

ADDED: The playhead can now be unset via OSC by sending “none” to the Workspace or Group cue OSC commands /playheadId and /playbackPositionId.

ADDED: You can now move the playhead on a Cue List with the OSC commands: /cue/{number}/playhead/next and /cue/{number}/playhead/previous

ADDED: Fade Cue OSC methods:

  • /cue/{cue_number}/rotation to get/set a single-axis rotation value, i.e. X rotation, Y rotation, or Z rotation.
  • /cue/{cue_number}/translation {number_x} {number_y}
  • /cue/{cue_number}/scale {number_x} {number_y}

ADDED: Text Cue OSC methods:

  • /cue/{cue_number}/text/outputSize
  • /cue/{cue_number}/liveText/outputSize

ADDED: Text Cue AppleScript property “fixed width” and read-only properties “text output size” and “live text output size”.

ADDED: You can now set the messaging rate (in FPS) of custom OSC messages in the Network cue.

ADDED: Improvements to the 2D fade path of the Network cue:

  • You can now scale, drag, and delete individual points of a 2D fade path, as well as the path as a whole.
  • The mouse coordinates are displayed when editing the 2D fade path.

CHANGED: The “Stop Selected” commands in the MIDI Controls and OSC Controls workspace settings are now “Panic Selected” commands.

CHANGED: When creating new cue lists or cue carts, the new list or cart will be inserted under the current selection in the right panel.

FIXED: Independent cue list windows will now respect the small / medium / large cue row preference.

FIXED: Fade cues are no longer allowed to target Network cues (which have no externally-fadable parameters anyway).

FIXED: Fade cue OSC methods that update the 3D geometry (i.e. /rotateX, /rotateY, /rotateZ, and /resetRotation) now require the rotation type to be set to “3D orientation”.

FIXED: The Fade cue inspector now displays the correct content in the “Video Effects” tab for cues that target Group cues.

FIXED: The inspector no longer shows audio-related tabs for certain cue configurations that do not support audio, i.e. Fade cues that target Text or Camera cues and Video cues that play a still image.

FIXED: Several other bugs, some of which prevent crashes.

Audio Changes

⭑ ADDED: A new mode for Network cues to support integration with the new DS100 Soundscape processing engine from d&b audiotechnik. The DS100 is a 64x64 channel signal processing system, featuring flexible routing and DSP, spatial positioning of sound, and acoustic emulation. You can enable DS100 mode for Network cues in the network workspaces settings.

⭑ ADDED: You can now batch-edit audio levels and audio trim in the Audio and Video cue inspectors. (Not yet supported for Mic cues.)

FIXED: A very brief (~5ms) fade-in that could sometimes affect the beginning of audio playback even when a cue was pre-loaded.

FIXED: Cues that are in the ghostly tail-out state (when the file has finished playback but something like an audio reverb is still rendering) will now behave better.

Video Changes

⭑ ADDED: Video surfaces can now be set to keep rendering a black background between cues, ensuring a smoother start for the next Video cue. Screens assigned to surfaces with this setting will continue rendering until a panic.

ADDED: OSC methods to set the live rotation around a specific axis:

  • /cue/{cue_number}/liveRotation/Xaxis {number} or /cue/{cue_number}/liveRotation/x {number}
  • /cue/{cue_number}/liveRotation/Yaxis {number} or /cue/{cue_number}/liveRotation/y {number}
  • /cue/{cue_number}/liveRotation/Zaxis {number} or /cue/{cue_number}/liveRotation/z {number}

ADDED: OSC methods to get/set some video parameters as a 2-argument method, rather than just the previous 1-argument versions:

  • /cue/{cue_number}/translation {number_x} {number_y}
  • /cue/{cue_number}/liveTranslation {number_x} {number_y}
  • /cue/{cue_number}/scale {number_x} {number_y}
  • /cue/{cue_number}/liveScale {number_x} {number_y}
  • /cue/{cue_number}/origin {number_x} {number_y}

⭑ FIXED: We’ve spent a lot of time under the hood working on improving video performance. Changes include:

  • The video effects pipeline has been rewritten from the ground up, dramatically improving performance by utilizing GPU acceleration.
  • Video effects no longer entail an undesired shift in color values or gamma response.
  • Video effects like blurs are no longer cropped to the original cue dimensions.
  • Animating the geometry of Video, Camera, or Text cues using a Fade cue is now smoother.
  • Loading to (or past) the end of a Video cue has been optimized, significantly improving performance when “jumping” into the middle of a long sequence of Video cues.
  • Video cues that contain an audio track will now play back more smoothly.

FIXED: A regression that prevented drop shadows in Text cues from working properly.

FIXED: If the mouse is located on a video surface when the video begins to play, it will now re-appear properly if it is moved to a screen that is not in use as a video surface.

Lighting Changes

⭑ ADDED: New functions in the Light Dashboard:

  • Update Selected Cue(s) - Saves edited levels into the currently selected Light cue(s).
  • Record All to Selected Cue(s) - Record all levels into the currently selected Light cue(s).
  • Record All to Latest Cue - Record all levels into the most recently run Light cue.
  • Clear All - Set all instruments to their home values. (aka “Go to blackout.”)

⭑ ADDED: You can now undo/redo your edits in the Light Dashboard.

ADDED: Support for both universes of DMXKing ultraDMX2 PRO and eDMX2 PRO interfaces.

ADDED: Support for decimal values in Light cue commands which use percentage values, to allow higher precision.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following American DJ instruments: Focus Spot One, Focus Spot Two, Focus Spot Three Z, Inno Color Beam Z7, Inno Color Beam Z19, Inno Pocket Spot LZR, Inno Pocket Spot Twins, Inno Pocket Wash, Inno Pocket Z5, Inno Spot Pro, Stinger Spot, Vizi Beam 5RX, Vizi Beam RSONE, Vizi BSW 300, Vizi Hex Wash7, Vizi Hybrid 16RX, and Vizi Q Wash7.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Chauvet instruments: COLORado M, COLORdash Par-H7 IP, COLORdash Par-H12 IP, Maverick MK Pyxis, Maverick MK1 Spot, Maverick MK2 Profile, Maverick MK3 Wash, Ovation E-260CW or E-260WW, Ovation E-260WW IP, Ovation E-930VW, Ovation F-55FC or F55WW, Ovation F-265WW, Ovation F-910FC, Ovation F-915FC, Ovation F-915VW, Rogue R1X Spot, Rogue R2X Spot, Rogue R3 Spot.

ADDED: Light definitions for the Clay Paky Axcor Beam 300, Axcor Spot 300, Axcor Wash 300, Axcor Profile 900, K-EYE HCR K10, K20, S10, and S20.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Elation instruments: Artiste DaVinci, Chorus Line 8, Chorus Line 16, DARTZ 360, E Spot III, Fuze Wash 575, Fuze Wash Z120, Fuze Wash Z350, Emotion, KL Fresnel 4, KL Fresnel 6, KL Fresnel 8, Platinum Beam 5R Extreme, Platinum FLX, Platinum HFX, Platinum Seven, Platinum Spot III, Platinum Spot LED II, Proteus Beam, Proteus Hybrid, Protron 3K, Protron 3K Color, Rayzor 360Z, Satura Profile, TVL Cyc, TVL Panel DW, TVL Softlight DW, CW Profile HP IP, and WW Profile HP IP.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following ETC instruments: ColorSource CYC, ColorSource Linear, Selador Desire D40 series, Selador Vivid-11, Vivid-21, Vivid-42, and Vivid-63.

ADDED: Light definitions for the Martin MAC Encore Performance CLD and WRM, RUSH MH 4 Beam, RUSH MH 10 Beam FX, and RUSH MH 11 Beam.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Robe instruments: BMFL Spot, BMFL Wash and Wash XF, BMFL WashBeam and WashBeam EV, BMFL Blade, Cyclone, DigitalSpot 3500 DT, DL4X Spot, DL4S Profile, DL4F Wash, DL7S Profile, DL7F Wash, Dominator 1200 XT, LEDBeam 100, LEDBeam 100 DayLight, LEDBeam 100 SmartWhite, LEDBeam 150, LEDBeam 1000, LEDWash 300, LEDWash 300+, LEDWash 300 SmartWhite, LEDWash 600, LEDWash 600+, LEDWash 800, LEDWash 800 DayLight, LEDWash 800 SmartWhite, LEDWash 1200, MiniMe and MiniMe DV, MMX Spot, MMX WashBeam, MMX Blade, Pointe, MiniPointe, MegaPointe, RoboSpot Motion Camera, Spiider, Spikie, Viva, and Viva CMY.

ADDED: Light definitions for the Rosco RevoPRO gobo rotator.

ADDED: Light definitions for the Vari*Lite VL1100 LED and VL1100 LED HP.

ADDED: 16-bit versions of generic RGB, RGBW, and RGBAW fixtures.

FIXED: QLab will now reset orphaned DMX values to 0 when unpatching instruments in the Light Patch.

FIXED: QLab will now now re-transmit Art-Net DMX packets every 0.8 seconds, per the recommendation in the latest Art-Net spec. This improves compatibility with some Art-Net receivers.

FIXED: A bug that prevented certain light commands (like “all = home”) from working properly.

FIXED: A typo in the light definition for the Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid.

CHANGED: Built-in light definitions have been standardized around using the parameter name “intensity” instead of “dimmer.” Instrument definitions that have been created or saved in existing workspaces will not be changed.

CHANGED: The light definition called “COLORado Solo (1, 2, 3)” has been replaced with a new definition called “COLORado Solo (1, 2, 3, M)” to support the COLORado M. The definition has also been updated to use “intensity” in place of “dimmer” for consistency.

CHANGED: The light definition called “WW Profile” has been replaced with a new definition called “WW Profile or CW Profile HP” to support the CW Profile HP.

CHANGED: Several light definitions for Chauvet Ovation instruments had typo fixes and/or improvements for clarity.

4.1.7 - February 20, 2018

FIXED: The Light Dashboard will now work even if there is as specific network interface selected for Art-Net and that interface is not available.

FIXED: Group cues in Start All mode now calculate their elapsed time correctly if a cue in the group has a pre-wait time.

FIXED: Undo now works when the inspector window is popped out.

FIXED: A bug that prevented the OSC “/overrides/toggleMscInput” and “/overrides/toggleMscOutput” methods from working.

FIXED: Various additional bug fixes, some of which prevent crashes.

CHANGED: The Fancy Paste window now appears and disappears instantly, to keep your workflow moving quickly.

4.1.6 - December 4, 2017

FIXED: A regression introduced in 4.1.5 that would cause paused videos to play back at the wrong speed when restarted.

FIXED: An issue that would prevent seamless video loops when the entire Video cue was looped.

FIXED: An issue that would prevent QLab from rendering to a screen for a surface if a new screen was connected to the same port that had previously been used to build the surface.

FIXED: A bug that prevented the highlight color of related cart cues from updating when the selection changed.

FIXED: Improved stability when connecting to QLab Remote using USB tethering.

FIXED: Various additional bug fixes, some which prevent crashes.

4.1.5 - November 27, 2017

FIXED: Don’t lose edits in certain inspector text views (Script, OSC, MIDI SysEx, etc) if switching focus to another application.

FIXED: When viewing a cue list in a separate window, resizing the “number” or “target” column will now stick.

FIXED: Some cases where the “move to next/previous cue sequence” commands would not do the right thing.

FIXED: A bug that prevented being able to set the current playback time on a Text cue in the Active Cues List.

FIXED: Don’t allow dragging a cue or a file on to a cue list or cue cart, thus potentially retargeting every cue in the list or cart.

FIXED: Don’t show the “loaded” status icon if a cue is broken.

FIXED: A bug in the OSC “/patchList” command that caused QLab Remote to show the audio slider “live” status on the wrong audio channels if an audio patch used customized Device Routing.

FIXED: A bug that caused cues that should not respond to a given OSC command to return an invalid response when that command was sent to multiple cues at once.

FIXED: An issue that caused Audio cues to drop samples when started using the Cart play button or the the Time & Loops inspector tab “Preview” button.

FIXED: A bug where QLab would beachball when viewing a cart with many cues in it in a separate window.

FIXED: A bug that would cause the inspector to show the wrong cue if you clicked with the mouse to change the selection while in show mode and then switched to edit mode. (Yes, it’s…sort of confusing. But now: fixed.)

FIXED: Video surfaces with active Syphon output will now properly publish changes to the surface name.

FIXED: Various additional bug fixes, some which prevent crashes.

ADDED: Additional compatibility when importing shows created in Go Button 3.1 and newer.

ADDED: A “Reset Origin” button in the surface editor, shown when there is no video license installed.

ADDED: Workspaces now respond to the new AppleScript commands: movePlayheadUp, movePlayheadDown, movePlayheadUpASequence, movePlayheadDownASequence

ADDED: Group cues now respond to the new AppleScript commands: expand and collapse. (Which changes their displayed state in the cue list.)

CHANGED: Improved filtering for the Art-Net Lighting Interface preference to avoid confusing USB DMX devices with Art-Net devices.

CHANGED: Removed the option to hold down the shift key to insert new cues before instead of after selection. This feature interfered with existing workflows in a number of cases, and caused more trouble than it was worth.

4.1.4 - October 18, 2017


FIXED: A crash that could occur on 10.12 and above because Apple moved saving to a background thread.

FIXED: A bug that prevented you from being able to import Go Button files in v4.1.

ADDED: Support for importing shows created in Go Button 3.1 and newer.

ADDED: Support for “key files”, for our site license friends. Contact support to learn more about this tool for easily installing licenses in automated deployments.


FIXED: It is now possible to view the universe parameter of instruments using a USB DMX device even when that device is disconnected.

FIXED: Scan for additional kernel extensions that can prevent QLab from working with USB DMX devices.

ADDED: You may now optionally update Light cue commands when renaming light patch items.


FIXED: A video issue that could cause QLab to crash on launch. While this problem was not unique to mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, a change in this OS made it much more common. But now it’s fixed!

FIXED: An issue that could cause QLab to crash when a video target file was reloaded because the file changed.

4.1.3 - September 14, 2017


FIXED: A bug that prevented the File Target picker from re-opening if the current target file was re-selected in the window.

FIXED: Hotkeys like “Preview”, “Load”, and “Pause/Resume Selected Cues” work again in the Cue Lists pane.

FIXED: The Cue Lists pane and separate Cue List windows now support “Move Playhead to Next Cue” and “Move Playhead to Previous Cue.”

FIXED: When a cue is loaded, the wait time text displayed in the cue list will have higher contrast to help make it a bit more visible against the yellow progress bars.

FIXED: A crash caused by option-clicking a matrix crosspoint in the Fade cue inspector when in “assign gangs” mode.

FIXED: A bug that prevented being able to view the “Triggers” inspector tab for certain cart cues imported from a QCart workspace.

FIXED: Several additional issues when importing a QCart workspace.

ADDED: Support for Hotkey triggers A-Z and 0-9 when importing a QCart workspace.


FIXED: Several issues with MIDI control and MIDI feedback in the Light Dashboard and Light Cue Inspector.

FIXED: MIDI controls can now be properly captured in the Light Patch when the patch is set to listen to the workspace’s MIDI channel.

FIXED: ENTTEC DMX USB Pro devices that do not report a correct device ID should now appear as a available DMX interfaces in the light patch. (QLab does its best to to guess that this is a valid device.)

FIXED: Undo/redo now works when the Light Dashboard is the key window.

ADDED: The visibility and width of columns in the light patch editor is now saved.


FIXED: A video performance issue related to over-aggressive querying of screen properties that are slow to query.

FIXED: A video performance issue when running Fade cues created in QLab 3 that were imported or copy/pasted into QLab 4.

FIXED: A crash when attempting to query the size of a Syphon output.

4.1.2 - July 27, 2017

FIXED: A long-standing bug where wall clock triggers would stop working if they were not set to run every day of the week. (Sorry it took so long to fix this one.)

FIXED: Using hotkeys while the Audition window has focus will no longer trigger system alert sounds.

FIXED: The Geometry inspector for a Fade cue targeting a Video cue will now show the cue’s anchor point.

FIXED: Problems that could occur when editing values via mouse dragging (particularly for video geometry) when multiple cues are selected.

FIXED: A crash that could occur when starting up a Blackmagic output device.

FIXED: The license manager window will now properly display all installed licenses even if you launch QLab while disconnected from the internet. (The licenses were still there before, but you couldn’t see them.)

FIXED: Licenses installed to USB drives will no longer stick around in the License Manager window after they expire.

FIXED: QLab will attempt to detect a kernel extension that interferes with the operation of USB-DMX lighting interfaces, and warn you if it is discovered.

FIXED: Creating new Light cues from the Dashboard will no longer lose light commands in the Light cue template — Dashboard commands will now correctly be appended to the Light cue template.

FIXED: Cue cart buttons will now show the elapsed action time for cues that have an infinite duration.

FIXED: A few other small display bugs.

FIXED: Editing the slices via the new OSC / AppleScript commands in 4.1 should now work for Video cues instead of just Audio cues.

FIXED: The AppleScript command to make cue lists or cue carts.

FIXED / CHANGED: Renamed several Text cue AppleScript properties introduced in v4.1.0 to fix scripts broken by collisions with existing AppleScript operators and commands.

  • “text format record” renames the property “word” to “wordIndex”
  • “range record” renames the properties “offset” and “length” to “rangeOffset” and “rangeLength”

4.1.1 - June 23, 2017

FIXED: Looping a cue (rather than just a slice) will again be seamless at the loop point.

FIXED: The “Next”, “Previous”, and “Done” buttons are again visible in the Find panel.

FIXED: A crash when viewing the Geometry tab of a Fade cue targeting a Group cue.

FIXED: A crash when setting the target of a single Fade cue from the Basics tab of the inspector.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to crash when updating light definitions.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to crash when enabling Demo Mode.

FIXED: The video thumbnail view in the inspector will now be refreshed properly when creating a new cue that does not have a selected surface.

FIXED: Opening a workspace with more than 400 Script cues (?!) set to run in separate processes should now succeed.

4.1 - June 20, 2017

⭑ Stars denote major new features.

Lighting Changes

⭑ ADDED: In addition to Art-Net interfaces, QLab now supports the following USB-based DMX interfaces:

  • DMXking ultraDMX RDM Pro
  • DMXking ultraDMX Micro

⭑ ADDED: You can now instruct a Light cue to “pull” a value from another Light cue when it runs. Those familiar with the idea of palettes or presets on other lighting consoles will find this concept familiar. Learn more here.

ADDED: Light settings now have a dedicated MIDI input channel, used when controlling the Dashboard or Light cue inspector via MIDI.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Chauvet fixtures: COLORado 1 Quad Zoom, COLORado 2 Quad Zoom, COLORado 1 Tri Tour, COLORado 1 Tri IP, COLORado Batten 72, COLORado Solo 1, COLORado Solo 2, COLORado Solo 3, COLORdash Accent Quad, COLORdash Batten-Quad 6, COLORdash Batten-Quad 12, COLORdash Par Quad 7, COLORdash Par-Hex 7, COLORdash Par Hex 12, COLORdash Par-Q12 IP, COLORdash S-Par 1, Maverick MK1 Hybrid, Maverick MK2 Spot, Maverick MK2 Wash, Legend 230SR, Ovation WW (all models), Ovation B-565FC, Ovation E-910FC, Ovation E-160WW, Ovation E-120WW, Ovation E-120WW IP, Ovation F-165WW, Ovation FD-165WW, Rogue R1 Beam, Rogue R1 Spot, Rogue R1 Wash, Rogue R2 Beam, Rogue R2 Spot, Rogue R2 Wash, Rogue R3 Wash, Rogue RH1 Hybrid.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Chroma-Q fixtures: Color Force 12, Color Force 48, Color Force 72, Color One 100, Color One 100X.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Clay Paky fixtures: Alpha Wash 300, Alpha Spot 300, Alpha Spot HPE 300, Alpha Wash 700, Alpha Beam 700, Alpha Spot HPE 700, Alpha Profile 700, Alpha Spot QWO 800, Alpha Profile 800 ST, Alpha Wash 1500, Alpha Beam 1500, Alpha Spot HPE 1500, Alpha Profile 1500, Sharpy, Sharpy Wash, Sharpy Wash 330 PC, Supersharpy, Supersharpy 2, Mythos, Mythos 2, Scenius Spot, Scenius Profile, Scenius Unico, Spheriscan, A.leda Wash K10, A.leda Wash K10 CC, A.leda Wash K10 TW, A.leda Wash K10 W, A.leda Wash K20, A.leda Wash K20 CC, A.leda Wash K20 TW, A.leda Wash K20 W, A.leda B-EYE K10, A.leda B-EYE K10 CC, A.leda B-EYE K10 Easy, A.leda B-EYE K20, A.leda B-EYE K20 CC.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Elation fixtures: Color Chorus 12, Color Chorus 24, Color Chorus 48, Color Chorus 72, Colour 5 Profile, DW Chorus 12, DW Chorus 24, DW Chorus 48, DW Chorus 72, DW Profile, DW Fresnel, WW Profile.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following ETC fixtures: ColorSource PAR, ColorSource Spot, Selador Desire D60, Source Four LED Series 2.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following German Light Products fixtures: Impression X1, Impression X4, Impression X4 Tunable White, Impression X4 S, Impression X4 S Tunable White, Impression X4 L, Impression X4 XL, Impression 90 RGB, Impression 90 RGB Static, Impression 90 WhiteAmber, Impression 120RZ, Impression 240XL.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Martin fixtures: MAC Aura, MAC Aura XB, MAC Axiom Hybrid, MAC Quantum Profile, MAC Quantum Wash, MAC Viper AirFX Quadray, MAC Viper AirFX, MAC Viper Performance, MAC Viper Profile, MAC Viper Wash, MAC Viper Wash DX, RUSH MH 1 Profile Plus, RUSH MH 2 Wash, RUSH MH 3 Beam, RUSH MH 5 Profile, RUSH MH 6 Wash, RUSH MH 6 Wash CT, RUSH MH 7 Hybrid, RUSH MH 8, RUSH PAR 1 RGBW, RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom, RUSH PAR 2 RGBW Zoom, RUSH Scanner 1.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Vari*Lite fixtures: VL440 Spot, VL770 Spot, VL880 Spot, VL500 Wash, VL550 Wash, VL1000 (TI, AI, TS, AS), VL1100 (TI, AI, TS, AS), VL2000 Spot, VL2000 Wash, VL2500 Spot, VL2500 Wash, VL3000 Spot, VL3000Q Spot, VL3000 Wash, VL3000Q Wash, VL3015 Spot, VL3015LT Spot, VL3500 Spot, VL3500 Wash, VL3500 Wash FX, VL3515 Spot, VL4000 BeamWash, VL4000 Spot, VL6000 Beam, VLX Wash, VLX3 Wash.

ADDED: Light definitions for the following Wybron fixtures: Coloram, CXI, Forerunner.

CHANGED: The command key to toggle the Light Dashboard (⇧⌘D) now always moves focus to the light command field, unless it already has focus in which case it toggles back to the workspace window.

Workflow Changes

⭑ ADDED: You can now view cue lists and cue carts in separate, dedicated windows using the “Open in New Window” button in the Lists / Carts panel. You can open as many cue list / cue cart windows as you want. All windows operate in “show mode”.

⭑ ADDED: The cue inspector can now be “popped out” into its own window.

⭑ ADDED: The new Launcher window provides easy access to open your recently edited workspaces, create new workspaces with workspace templates, and other useful functions. For new installations of QLab, it is the first thing that opens up when QLab opens. You can adjust this behavior in “QLab” → “QLab Preferences”.

⭑ ADDED: Support for connecting to QLab Remote via USB cable instead of wifi. Workspaces available via USB tethering show up on the QLab Remote connection screen in their own section (labelled “USB”).

⭑ ADDED: Multiple cue selection for cue carts.

⭑ ADDED: Support for batch editing Timecode, Load, Devamp, and Target cues. Partial support for Audio, Mic, Video, Text, Camera, and Fade cues.

ADDED: The Audition Window now has the option to always float on top.

ADDED: The “Find” function will now search the content of Text cues, the content of custom OSC messages, the content of UDP messages, and the content of Script cues.

ADDED: When moving to next and previous sequences, Group cues in “start all” mode are now considered a cue sequence, so you’ll jump over the whole group.

ADDED: Workspace template files (with the file type qlab4template) can now be opened directly by QLab, including via double-click.

ADDED: In the workspace template management window, you can right-click to get a menu of new actions for templates:

  • Set as Default
  • Reveal in Finder
  • Export
  • Rename
  • Delete

⭑ CHANGED: “New Workspace” (Command-N) now creates a workspace using the default workspace template.

CHANGED: Cue lists and carts can now be deleted in the same way as other cues from the Lists / Carts panel.

CHANGED: To make an empty or blank workspace, you may set the new built-in blank workspace template as your default template.

Audio & Video Changes

⭑ ADDED: You can now loop an entire cue, even when it is sliced. The Devamp cue now allows you to specify whether you want to devamp the current slice or the entire cue.

ADDED: Pressing the “m” key (“m” for “marker”) will now add slice markers when inspecting the audio waveform of an Audio or Video cue.

ADDED: Support for setting the line spacing format of the text in Text cue.

ADDED: The actual display width of a Text cue is now shown in the Inspector.

ADDED: Paste Cue Attributes (“Fancy Paste”) now supports more attributes of the Text cue: font, font color, and alignment (left, right, center, justify).

ADDED: The audio patch editor window now saves its size and location so you don’t have to resize it every time you open it.

ADDED: The maximum dB level set in the audio settings will now also be reflected in the limits for values you can set in the GUI.

ADDED: Support for the Blackmagic Web Presenter as an input source for Camera cues.

Scripting Changes

ADDED: OSC “go” method to cue lists. e.g. /cue/{cue_list_number}/go

ADDED: OSC methods to toggle the visibility of the Light Dashboard:

  • /toggleLightDashboard
  • /lightDashboard {true|false}

ADDED: OSC methods for the Light Dashboard buttons, e.g.:

  • /dashboard/updateLatestCue
  • /dashboard/updateOriginatingCues
  • /dashboard/newCueWithChanges
  • /dashboard/newCueWithAll
  • /dashboard/revert

ADDED: AppleScript hooks for timecode trigger values and setting cue colors.

⭑ ADDED: Extensive OSC and AppleScript APIs for manipulating text and live text formats in Text cues, including:

  • Set font name, e.g. /cue/{cue_number}/text/format/fontName {font_name}
  • Set font color, e.g. /cue/{cue_number}/text/format/color {red} {green} {blue} {alpha}
  • Set font size and line spacing (including relative +/- adjustments), e.g.:
    • set size: /cue/{cue_number}/text/format/fontSize {new_size}
    • nudge line spacing: /cue/{cue_number}/text/format/lineSpacing/+ {delta}
    • format a substring: /cue/{cue_number}/text/format/fontSize/{index}/{length} {size}
    • format a single word: /cue/{cue_number}/text/format/fontSize/word/{index} {size}
    • etc.
  • Retrieve current format information
  • Retrieve available system font information
  • Learn more about the OSC methods here, and learn more about the AppleScript methods here.

⭑ ADDED: Extensive OSC and AppleScript APIs for manipulating slices in Audio and Video cues, including:

  • Add slices, e.g. /cue/{cue_number}/addSliceMarker {time} {play_count}
  • Delete slices, e.g. /cue/{cue_number}/deleteSliceMarkers/{slice_index}
  • Edit slice times and loop counts (including batch editing slices and relative +/- adjustments), e.g.:
    • set time: /cue/{cue_number}/sliceMarker/{slice_index}/time {new_time}
    • nudge time: /cue/{cue_number}/sliceMarker/{slice_index}/time/+ {delta}
    • batch edit: /cue/{cue_number}/sliceMarkers/time/+ {delta}
    • etc.
  • Retrieve current slice information
  • Learn more about the OSC methods here, and learn more about the AppleScript methods here.

Makin’-Stuff-Not-Broken Changes

FIXED: An issue where Text cue would sometimes default to the incorrect paragraph alignment when adding new text.

FIXED: An issue that could cause the Inspector to not refresh after deleting one or more cues.

FIXED: The Disable disruptive OS features in Show Mode preference now prevents display dimming and sleep, as it said it would.

FIXED: The Group cue created by drag-and-dropping a folder of audio files from the Finder now inherits the Workspace’s cue template settings for Group cues.

FIXED: OSC clients are now sent a video settings update message when another OSC client modifies a Video Surface’s control points.

Licensing Changes

⭑ ADDED: You may now install license seats to USB Drives (such as thumb drives or flash drives). This allows you to create a portable license which will activate QLab while it is plugged in to your computer.

⭑ CHANGED: Redesigned the license manager for clarity.

4.0.11 - May 25, 2017

FIXED: Add support for the HapQ codec.

FIXED: A case where using Blackmagic camera inputs could cause QLab to crash.

FIXED: The mechanism to watch for changes in mask images will now update the surface appropriately if the mask file changes.

FIXED: A crash when updating the Light Dashboard.

FIXED: A bug in the DMX Status window that meant that it would often not display the final values of a light fade.

FIXED: MIDI triggers for Light cues will now only be captured after you’ve pressed the “capture” button, and not any old time you just happen to be looking at the Triggers tab of the inspector. (Hold up there, eager beaver.)

FIXED: Clarified the warning message if QLab is unable to initialize OSC ports at launch. Now includes an explanation of the most likely cause (two copies of QLab running).

FIXED: Clarified language for the “Close Without Running Cue” option when closing a workspace that has a closing cue.

FIXED: Text edits (e.g. in the Script cue, but also in any text field) will now always be saved if the workspace window loses focus. This prevents losing edits to a cue in cases like switching to another window to refer to API documentation.

FIXED: The AppleScript “play count” property for the Video cue.

FIXED: Audio licenses now properly unlock certain audio features on a video cue if a Video license is not present.

FIXED: A bug that allowed the OSC “/renumber” method to be performed even though a workspace was in Show Mode.

4.0.10 - April 7, 2017

FIXED: A regression that prevented Audio, Mic, and Video cues from being unloaded if stopped when not running.

4.0.9 - March 31, 2017

FIXED: A regression that caused audio that should tail out (e.g. reverb) to stop abruptly when the cue was stopped.

FIXED: An issue where stopping one Video cue could cause other running video cues to stutter.

FIXED: Stopping multiple Video cues at once should now happen much faster, so that the video cues all stop at the same time.

FIXED: A rendering error when showing Video cues on a full surface without preserving their aspect ratio.

FIXED: Worked around a bug in macOS that would cause video cues to play on an incorrect screen if QLab was explicitly assigned to a specific macOS Desktop.

FIXED: Ensure the audio waveform view is drawn when re-opening the inspector.

FIXED: The MIDI feedback channel for light controls is now saved and restored properly.

FIXED: Actually filter out light control MIDI messages that don’t pass the workspace’s MIDI input channel filter.

4.0.8 - March 23, 2017

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to crash when auto-reloading updated video files.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to crash when editing video surfaces.

FIXED: An issue that could cause some Video cues to render with a half-pixel offset.

FIXED: Light instruments with overlapping addresses across different DMX universes are now handled properly.

FIXED: Timecode cues can now address channels above 48 (now up to the correct maximum of 64).

FIXED: The /liveAverageLevel OSC command for the Video cue.

FIXED: A bug when creating wall clock triggers for the 12:00pm-12:59:59pm hour in PM mode.

FIXED: Zooming in or out of the waveform view will now draw the integrated fade envelope correctly if it is locked to the start/end times of the cue.

FIXED: Enabled support for the ProRes 4444 XQ video codec.

FIXED: Turn off those dang-blasted window tabs Apple saw fit to enable by default in Sierra or later.

CHANGED: The Fade cue tool menu items for “Set Audio Levels from Target” and “Set Video Geometry from Target” have been changed back to their old behavior of directly setting the properties rather than doing it via the Fancy Paste mechanism. (However the UI button “Set from Target” still brings up the Fancy Paste mechanism.)

4.0.7 - February 24, 2017

FIXED: A crash that occurred when selecting “Music” in the macOS file chooser dialog.

FIXED: A crash that can occur when receiving incoming timecode.

FIXED: Several memory leaks during video playback.

FIXED: You can again add a slice prior to the last existing slice in the audio waveform.

FIXED: Stopping a Fade cue will no longer leave it in a state where it shows the time it stopped as its new duration.

FIXED: A bug that could cause new Light cues created from the Dashboard to have commands listed in the wrong order, and thus produce incorrect output.

FIXED: A bug that could corrupt the lighting commands in a light cue when they were deleted using the GUI. (e.g. the pressing the X to delete a light command slider).

FIXED: Setting the MIDI trigger status type on a cue via AppleScript will no longer lead to a crash.

FIXED: Text field changes are now committed when toggling the “Assign Gangs” button in the Fade cue inspector.

FIXED: Fading OSC values using floating point values will now work in locations where a comma (,) is used as the decimal mark.

FIXED: Fixed bugs and clarified behavior around renting a 1-day license at the end of a calendar day.

ADDED: More information about pre-wait and post-wait times in the active cue rows.

ADDED: When fading over OSC float values, QLab will now send out 6 decimal places for each value rather than 3.

ADDED: Timecode cues now display the start time for the default cue name.

ADDED: A “video fade mode” AppleScript property used to set the absolute/relative fade mode in the Geometry tab of Fade cues.

ADDED: Tinted background for the levels tab when “Assign Gangs” is enabled, to make it more clear when that mode is turned on.

ADDED: Hotkey triggers that use numeric keypad keystrokes are now distinguished in the Inspector with the prefix “NUM”.

4.0.6 - January 27, 2017

FIXED: A crash when using a Syphon-only video surface.

FIXED: A bug that could prevent QLab from saving license data in some cases.

FIXED: A bug that could sometimes cause OSC update messages to fail, preventing clients such as QLab Remote from working properly.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to crash when editing light instrument definitions.

FIXED: A bug that meant home values for light parameters were always treated as raw values, even when they should be treated as percentages.

FIXED: Light parameters will now correctly start at their home value, rather than always at 0.

FIXED: “Start all” group cues will continue to show their elapsed time though the end of the longest cue, rather than through the end of the shortest.

ADDED: Network cues fading through OSC values can now send out either floating point or integer values. (Previously just supported integer.)

4.0.5 - January 13, 2017

FIXED: A crash that could occur with cue carts.

FIXED: A bug that could cause workspaces to report themselves as modified when first opened.

FIXED: A memory leak for long-running fades.

FIXED: QLab is now less strict about requiring the expected number of arguments for certain OSC commands, allowing third-party software that always sends OSC arguments (e.g. TouchOSC) to again work with certain QLab OSC methods.

FIXED: A bug that would cause a customized cue toolbox to be reset to the default order if you launched QLab by double-clicking on a workspace file in the Finder.

FIXED: Increased resilience and diagnostic tools for unexpected conditions when attempting to install a license.

FIXED: The orientation of the time elapsed / time remaining icons in the cue list header has been fixed.

FIXED: Miscellaneous other small bugs.

CHANGED: QLab will no longer try to auto-fill your email address when opening the “Contact Support” window; people often thought we were trying to do something sneaky by accessing contacts.

ADDED: Video cues will now watch their file targets for changes and reload the file, the way audio cues do.

ADDED: New OSC method for all cues: “loadAndSetPlayhead” (Like pressing “L” on a cue selected in the cue list.)

4.0.4 - December 16, 2016

FIXED: A decoding issue that could in some cases substantially lower video playback performance compared to version 3.

FIXED: Video playback is now much more forgiving in cases when video buffers are not staying full; the best-available video frame will be rendered in lieu of halting updates entirely.

FIXED: Certain specific cases where Video cues would be reloaded unnecessarily, causing playback to be delayed.

FIXED: The integrated fade envelope on Audio cues now works again.

FIXED: Display of integrated fade curves on MIDI and Network cues (although actual output was correct).

FIXED: Prevent several windows from going full screen that should not be able to do so.

FIXED: Several memory leaks.

CHANGED: When updating the “lock playhead to selection” general setting (via GUI or OSC), ensure that the selection is set to the playhead if they are supposed to be locked together.

ADDED: QLab will now log current FPS playback rate for each running surface at log level 2.

4.0.3 - December 1, 2016

FIXED: If you specify a duration for still image video cues or text cues, that duration is now properly saved and restored.

FIXED: A bug that could cause QLab to quit unexpectedly when stopping a Syphon camera cue with video effects.

FIXED: An issue that could cause a flash of 100% opacity at the end of a video fade-out.

FIXED: Several bugs in “paste cue properties” aka “fancy paste”.

FIXED: Cues created via dragging from the left toolbox or the cue bar will now honor be created from the workspace cue templates.

FIXED: Light cues created via the Dashboard will now honor the Light cue template for the workspace (except with the light commands specified by the Dashboard).

FIXED: Licensing: Resolved a race condition where installed licenses might not be properly recognized at launch.

FIXED: Licensing: QLab will now try harder to save license data to disk, and will warn you if it is unsuccessful.

FIXED: Licensing: Timecode triggers will now be properly unlocked for any license type.

FIXED: Licensing: If you cancel the login process that was triggered due to requesting to remove a license, QLab will not then attempt to remove the license.

ADDED: QLab will now share the Art-Net port with other applications running on the same computer, if those other applications also share it. (If you take advantage of this, be sure to set QLab to use broadcast mode for Art-Net in the QLab application preferences.)

4.0.2 - November 28, 2016

FIXED: A case where licenses might not properly unlock features.

FIXED: Prevent light instruments from being named “all”; that name is reserved for groups.

FIXED: A regression introduced in QLab 3.1.24 which would cause videos to briefly glitch when video cue was stopped.

FIXED: Changing a MIDI File output patch will now immediately update MIDI File cues to use the new output device.

4.0.1 - November 18, 2016

FIXED: Several bugs with the new license system, for example that required a license for features that were intended to be free, or didn’t flag cues as broken that needed a license to function, etc.

FIXED: Don’t hard-stop a group cue (including cue lists or carts) if it is triggered when one of the cues inside it is panicking or tailing out.

FIXED: A bug that caused notes in the top notes field to wrap to a new line too soon.

FIXED: A small bug with the inspector when multiple cues were selected.

4.0 - November 16, 2016


ADDED: Light cue.


ADDED: Cue carts.

ADDED: Record sequence tool.

ADDED: Highlight related cues mode.

ADDED: “Paste cue properties” aka “fancy paste”.

ADDED: Cue templates.

ADDED: Support for many new remote editing features when using the new version of QLab Remote.

ADDED: Status window, which includes: warnings, logging tool, Art-Net node list, general info.

ADDED: Hotkey for editing cue notes.

ADDED: Trigger option: fade and stop peers/list/all cues with customizable fade time.

ADDED: Trigger option: duck/boost volume of other cues in list/cart to given volume level over given time.

ADDED: Trigger option: second trigger actions, performed when a running cue is triggered a second time.

ADDED: Trigger option: “perform second trigger on release” for Hotkey, MIDI Note, or cart button triggers.

ADDED: Batch edit in the inspector for the following tabs: Basics, Triggers, Light Cue Levels.

ADDED: Support for negative post-wait times, to indicate triggering the next cue “this many seconds before the current one ends”.

ADDED: Network cue (formerly “OSC cue”) can inject the outgoing message with the current value of (almost) anything in QLab that you can query via OSC.

ADDED: Network cue OSC messages can be given a duration, over which they re-send their message.

ADDED: Network cue OSC messages can now be faded over a series of values — both 1D and 2D fades.

ADDED: Network cues can now be directed to a specific network interface.

ADDED: Customizable OSC reply formats when using the OSC API.

ADDED: Group cues in “random” mode now operate in a round-robin manner, where all cues will be triggered before a new round of random cues begins.

ADDED: Group cues that “start all children” now inherit the duration of their longest child.

ADDED: Parametric fade curve. (By default, produces equal power audio fade when fading through linear audio domain.)

ADDED: Control of which domain is used for audio level fades: slider, decibel, or linear.

ADDED: Option to trigger cue on workspace close, in addition to workspace open

ADDED: Application preference for what to do on launch:

  • restore most recent workspaces
  • create a new blank workspace
  • create a new workspace from default template
  • show the workspace template picker
  • do nothing

ADDED: Enhancements to global overrides:

  • global input/output overrides can now be set by type of message
  • new OSC/AppleScript hooks for each override
  • any cue affected by an override will show a red override status image
  • a warning now appears in the workspace footer for input or Art-Net overrides

ADDED: Export broken cues and warnings list as text (via copy to clipboard).

ADDED: Visible red flash around go button if double-go protection is invoked.

ADDED: Hold down shift key to insert new cues before instead of after selection.

ADDED: Temporary duration (“tempDuration”) for all cues where editing duration is allowed - accessible via AppleScript and OSC.

ADDED: A ”currentDuration” read-only property (AppleScript and OSC) that returns the current duration of the cue, accounting for any tempDuration that has been set.

ADDED: Many new OSC API hooks, and a new special address to talk to “active” (running or paused) cues


ADDED: Support for up to 64 audio output channels (up from 48).

ADDED: Minimum slice time has been reduced to 0.05 seconds (down from 0.1).

ADDED: The integrated fade envelope can now be locked to the start/end time of the cue instead of the file.

ADDED: Mic cues can now use specific channels of the input device.

ADDED: Audio cues watch their target files for changes and update automatically.

ADDED: Duck/boost volume of other cues in list/cart to given volume level over given time.


ADDED: Editable durations for still image Video cues and Text cues.

ADDED: Copy/paste surface geometry in video settings.

ADDED: Video facets are now anchored to their center points when they change size.

ADDED: Improved color accuracy of video cues and effects.

ADDED: Basic support for using files that use the Hap video codec.

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