Introduction to Devamp Cues

This example takes a tour of the capabilities of the Devamp cue. Memo cues in the workspace contain explanatory text, and there are built-in directions to follow if you cannot hear audio from the workspace when it seems like you should.

The cue named “If you hear nothing, run this cue” is a Script cue, which requires a license to use. The Script cue is not absolutely necessary, however. If you do not have a license, you can mimic the behavior of the Script cue manually by following these steps:

  1. Choose Lists / Carts & Active Cues from the View menu to show the sidebar.
  2. Select the Troubleshooting list in the sidebar.
  3. After reading and following the directions, select the Main Cue List in the sidebar.
  4. Optionally close the sidebar by choosing Lists / Carts & Active Cues from the View menu once again.

Revised April 2020.

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