How to Fade In a Group of Video Cues

When a Fade cue targets a Group cue, QLab attempts to apply the result of that fade to all the child cues within the Group. Because the starting state of each child cue may be different, Fades which target Groups can only be relative fades.

This is a problem when your goal is to fade in several Video cues from 0% opacity to, say, 100%, because 100% of 0% is 0%. What to do? The trick lies in starting your cues at 1%.

  1. Create several Video cues and place them within a Group cue to your taste.
  2. Set the opacity of each Video cue to 1%.
  3. Create a Fade cue targeting the Group cue, and in the Geometry tab of the inspector, set the opacity to 10,000%.
  4. Since 10,000% of 1% equals 100%, running the Fade cue will bring all the Video cues in the Group to 100% opacity.
  5. Finis!

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