How to Move a Workspace to a New Mac

  1. With your workspace open, choose Bundle Workspace… from the File menu. This will start the process of making a copy of your workspace and all targeted media files to a new folder. This is not some kind of special folder or anything secret, it’s just a regular folder with a copy of your stuff, which we refer to as a bundle in this context.
  2. Choose a name and a location to save the bundle. This location could be, for example, on your Desktop.
  3. Once QLab is done bundling, you can copy the ensuing bundle to the other Mac, via a network, a flash drive, or a hard drive.
  4. Perfecta!

Once you’ve copied the bundle to the new Mac, don’t move the workspace file out of the folder. If you want to do that for any reason, be sure to open it and then save it at least once first, which will permit QLab to correctly identify the associated media files. After that happens, QLab is able to keep track of the relative locations of all the files. You can then move things anywhere you like.

When bundling, QLab will also generate lists of the AudioUnits used in the workspace, if there are any, and the fonts used in Text cues.

It’s important to remember that only media that’s targeted by a cue in the workspace will be copied.

But here’s the thing: If you keep your workspace in a folder, and you also keep all the media for your workspace within that folder, or in sub-folders within that folder, then you do not need to bundle a workspace to move it. QLab will remember the relative locations of files within the folder that contains the workspace.

This keep-it-all-in-one-folder routine works with QLab 3.1 or later.

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