Script Cues

Script cues allow you to execute AppleScript from within QLab.

When a Script cue is selected, three tabs will appear in the Inspector:

  • Basics
  • Triggers
  • Script

The Basics and Triggers tabs are the same for all cue types, and you can learn more about them from the page on the Inspector in the General section of this documentation.


The text field in the Script tab will show the default AppleScript defined in Script Settings.

Text entered here will follow Apple’s standard formatting rules for AppleScript.

Compile Script. Click here to compile your script. If your script shows errors, QLab will display an error message next to this button in order to help you find and solve the error.

Run in separate process. By default, QLab spins off the script in a Script cue to an external invisible application which handles the execution of the AppleScript. This allows complex scripts to execute in the background, without monopolizing QLab and preventing you from interacting with QLab while the script runs. If your script, for some reason, needs to execute from within QLab, uncheck this box.

Broken Cues

Script cues can become broken for the following reasons:

Empty script.

Fill in a valid script in the Script tab of the inspector.

AppleScript error

Correct the error in the Script tab of the inspector.

A license is required to reactivate this saved cue.

You’ll need to install a license in order to use this cue.

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