Trigger QLab With Timecode

The trick to making QLab respond to incoming timecode is that you have to enable timecode at the cue list level first:

  1. Open the cue list sidebar by choosing “Cue Lists & Active Cues” from the View menu.
  2. Select the cue list that you want to listen to timecode.
  3. Navigate to the Timecode tab in the inspector.
  4. Check the box marked “Trigger cues in this list from incoming timecode.”
  5. Set the mode, sync source, and format to match your timecode.
  6. Tudo feito!

Now, cues within that cue list can respond to timecode triggers.

Important: QLab can be triggered by timecode, but does not chase or lock to timecode. Pausing incoming timecode will not pause QLab, and rewinding or fast-forwarding timecode will not scrub cues. QLab just listens to the timecode as it comes in, and if a frame comes along that a cue has set as a timecode trigger, then QLab triggers that cue.

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