Announcing QLab 3.2.15

Hello QLab 3 friends!

We expect this to be the last update to QLab version 3. We've been pleased to provide bug fixes for v3 since QLab 4 was released nearly two years ago, but now must focus our energies on just developing version 4. We will, of course, continue to support QLab 3, but we do not plan to release further updates to it.

QLab 3.2.15 Release Notes


The Fade cue inspector no longer shows the “Levels” and “Audio Effects” tabs for cues that target Titles or Camera cues and displays the correct content in the “Video Effects” tab for cues that target Group cues.


A cue assigned to an invalid audio patch can be successfully auditioned if the audition window has a valid audio patch. The cue indicate it is broken if the audition audio patch is not valid.


Various additional bug fixes, some of which prevent crashes.


When capturing a message to create a MIDI trigger, the cue inspector now ignores MIDI pitch wheel messages.

Download 3.2.15

3.2.15 is a previous version of QLab. You can find the latest version here.

Release Date
October 18th, 2018