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We offer a class taught by one or two members of our team that covers QLab for audio, video, and lighting. Our classes are typically two to three days long and provide students with information spanning from basic playback functionality to advanced programming techniques.

We host our own classes a few times per year, and we also partner with other organizations or individuals to host classes a la carte. Classes open to the public are listed here. You can learn about and how to host your own class below.

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Upcoming QClasses

No upcoming QClasses scheduled.

Want to host your own QClass?

Classes are generally two days long and covers your choice of audio and video in depth with a little lighting, or audio and lighting in depth with a little video. We start with a tour of the basic tools in QLab and how to play back audio and video with it, leading up to advanced uses such as using audio in multichannel/surround environments, using live audio effects like EQ and reverb, and video topics such as combining multiple projectors together to cover a large stage area and using QLab to provide mesh-warping to allow projection on non-flat surfaces.

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Our Responsibilities

  • We provide a laptop, video projector, and other necessary equipment
  • Classes are taught by 1-2 members of our support team
  • We allow ample time for questions during session
  • Demo license for the Pro Bundle is offered to students to use for session and a short period afterwards

Your Responsibilities

  • Cover fees: class fee is $1500 per session, plus cost of travel and lodging
  • You must provide a venue and at least two discreet speaker channels (used for playback examples)
  • Adhere to recommended class size of 5 - 40 students
  • Sessions for profit are split 50/50 between QLab and you; otherwise, no money is owed to us